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How to grow a company in the US market.

September 24, 2019 I 6:30 pm


Join us for an exclusive dinner conversation on how that will focus on how to grow a company in the US market.  We will discuss a range of topics that founders face when first setting up a presence in the valley ranging from talent - how to hire, retain, and build a cohesive culture - to early sales methodology and goals.

This is a free event in appreciation of our Investor and Entrepreneur community, however, space is limited and you must apply and be accepted in order to attend. 


Oren Yunger


Oren Yunger is a VP at GGVC. Oren joined GGV Capital in 2018. He is focused on enterprise infrastructure, development tools, and cybersecurity. Prior to GGV, Oren spent more than a decade driving complex processes in the military, large institutions and start-ups, gaining hands-on experience in cybersecurity, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, and product development. In his last role, Oren was the Chief Security Officer at Clicktale, SaaS analytics start-up, and helped the company scale from SMB to some of the world’s leading enterprises. Oren holds a BSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv College and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Jake Flomenberg


Jake Flomenberg is a Partner at Wing and focuses on next-generation infrastructure, enterprise software applications, and security investments. He has led investments in companies including Demisto, Oasis Labs, Radar, Sumo Logic, and Zoomdata and has been actively involved with Streamsets and Trifacta.




Yoav Samet is a Managing Partner at StageOne. An entrepreneur early in his career who later became a Silicon Valley corporate executive and VC, with over two decades of investment experience. Yoav headed Corporate Development at Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), leading the company's M&A and venture investment activities related to about a third of Cisco's business. He oversaw acquisitions valued at over $7 Billion and an investment portfolio valued at $1 Billion. A proud Unit 8200 alumnus.

Who should sign up

 Israeli Founders of tech startups -

Founders who have raised less than $10m and sell to businesses (B2B, not B2C)