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Who are ICON Members?

ICON members are a vibrant community united by their passion for Israeli technology and innovation. They share a common goal: to "pay it forward" by supporting Israeli tech startups in their journey towards success.

Membership Criteria

VC Partners:

Individuals who are partners in venture capital firms and are eager to mentor and invest in Israeli startups

Corporate Executives

Senior professionals (director level and above) from leading corporations who wish to leverage their experience and networks to assist emerging tech companies.

Israeli Tech Startup Founders

Entrepreneurs who have founded Israeli tech startups and are looking to contribute to the ecosystem by sharing their insights and experiences.

Why become a member


Conferences & Fireside Chats

Engage in exclusive events featuring inspiring conversations and intimate fireside chats with key speakers. Our annual conference is a highlight, bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and members of the ICON community for an unforgettable experience.


Free Shared Working Space & Meeting Rooms

Enjoy full utilities and privileges with our 24/7 accessible shared working space and meeting rooms, located in Palo Alto and hosted by the OFJCC. This space provides ICON members with a productive environment to collaborate and innovate.


Office Hours, Talks, and Other Founder-Specific Events

Israeli founders have unique opportunities to participate in specialized talks and 1:1 meetings designed to address their specific needs and challenges. These events provide invaluable insights and direct access to industry experts and mentors, fostering growth and success.

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