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ICON is a gateway to Silicon Valley, a place where Israeli founders gain valuable connections, support, and mentoring while learning to navigate the ins and outs of this complex ecosystem. ICON is an impactful connector that bridges the Israeli and American Silicon Valley communities, creating the setting where the magic happens - we’ve seen investments, partnerships and acquisitions blossom out of conversations that started at our events.


1:1 Office Hours

1:1 Office Hours and Talks at the ICON Space: Small groups or one-on-one sessions where industry leaders share their knowledge and expertise.

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Fireside Chats

Intimate 100-person invitation-only gatherings that enable leading founders, investors and technology executives to engage in authentic conversation around important, current issues.


Annual Conference

ICON's Annual Conference is one of the leading tech-innovation conferences in Silicon Valley. A full-day conference with a unique ambiance, celebrating the ICON community and those that make the magic happen. Exclusive and intimate Keynotes, Round Tables and Panel Discussions led by top-notch industry speakers, dealing with today's hottest topics.


Social events

Independence Day party and Werewolf evenings.



Women in Tech is a female-only community sharing a passion for Israeli Tech & Innovation. Our goal is to empower women to reach the next level of their tech careers - whether in a hi-tech company or as the Founder of a startup. Our meetings take place on a monthly basis in Palo Alto, San Francisco and Tel- Aviv.


San Francisco events

San Francisco has become a separate entity from Silicon Valley. We are witnessing a mass migration from the valley to the city. Since 2018, ICON has started to hold events in the city, the main purpose being to broaden the ICON community and to connect more Israeli and American techies together.


Vertical-Focused events

A combination of peer focused, industry vertical and market trend discussions. Sessions are led by moderators and facilitators with expertise in the specific vertical. These events are designed to be highly interactive as attendees engage in dialogue on trends and issues with executives, investors and start-up founders.


Dinner & Dialogue

Hosted by top SV Investors: A series of intimate & exclusive dinners co-hosted by ICON and Silicon Valley’s top VCs. Each dinner brings together partners from several VCs, with Founders innovating in their areas of interest. This intimate dinner setting allows top-tier investors and the most innovative Israeli tech founders to connect with one another while holding an open dialogue - and a glass of wine, while focusing on a stimulating topic that is sure to spur a fascinating dialogue. Each dinner will be carefully curated to match a pre-selected group of founders and relevant VCs, by vertical or stage.


ICONic Innovation Week

In order to maximize the impact for founders traveling to the ICON conference, ICON has formed an extensive series of compelling events around the annual conference: Office hours, sales day, investor dinners, special women in tech events and more. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Israeli Founders to meet and connect with Silicon Valley’s Top Tier Investors and Corporate Executives in a concentrated period of time.



SV101 is a program for Israeli founders who are considering expanding their business to Silicon Valley. Twice a year, ten Israeli startups receive a rare opportunity to get an insider’s view behind the scenes of Silicon Valley while connecting with and learning from leading Silicon Valley Investors, Prominent Founders and Corporate Executives.



ICON INSIDERS is a series of events for Israeli tech founders living in Israel. We are thrilled to bring top-tier speakers and compelling insights from Silicon Valley to Israel. Our inaugural event was a one-day conference, keynoted by Adi Tatarko, CEO & Co-Founder of Houzz. The tremendously successful event included 15 intimate, hands-on workshops led by Silicon Valley experts. The 100 Israeli founders who participated in this exclusive conference gained powerful insights and actionable advice

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