May 4-15, 2020

Thinking of bringing your business to Silicon Valley? You can’t afford to miss this opportunity

ICON is accepting applications from Israeli Founders of tech startups* for SV101 Batch 9
to take place in Silicon Valley, May 4, 2020- May 15, 2020.

Companies from all over the world come to the “fortress” of Silicon Valley, with hopes of raising funding, making the right connections and scaling their business. Only 2% will succeed. Without the right network and know-how, it’s a very daunting place…
SV101 is a rare opportunity to get an exclusive view of the inner workings of Silicon Valley, meeting key figures who give their valuable insights into starting off with the right foot. Learn from their mistakes and triumphs while creating highly valuable ties. Our past 8 batches have gained unparalleled access and connections to top-tier investors, and leaders in the Silicon Valley ecosystem, along with being part of a unique community of our alums with relationships built to last.

The Application Process:

Submit your application here by January 31, 2020. Increase your chances by submitting early, as we review the applications on a rolling basis. The later you apply the fewer spots remain for finalist day.
Selections for the finalist panel will be sent by February 10, 2020. 
The 25 most promising startups will be invited to meet a panel of seasoned judges on in Tel - Aviv to determine the final 10 to be a part of Batch 9.
We will notify you of the final decision personally via email by March 1, 2020.

Logistics and Program Content:
If your startup is chosen, the Co-founder CEO and up to two founders will be expected to be in Silicon Valley by May 4, 2020, for two weeks.
The cost of the program is $1,500 per person and will include the program's content, food and office space throughout the day. 
Each startup will receive at least two mentors from their verticals. The mentor’s role is to guide them through the program, to provide them with valuable feedback on their product and what they do while connecting them with relevant people in the Bay area.
During the 2-weeks, participants will take part in: 
Group Talks & Workshops with ICON members and guests. (Past speakers include Oren Zeev, Nir Zuk, Adam Nash, Jeff Epstein and more).
Sales and Marketing series, which includes workshops that teach founders how to sell in the US.
On-site visits to major Silicon Valley corporations like Andreessen Horowitz, Facebook, Google and more.
1:1 Office hours with Investors and Corporate executives in the Valley. (Past mentors included Noam Bardin, Izhar Armony, Amir Ashkenazi and many more.) 
At the end of each week, you will attend “The Grill”; a friendly and insightful Shark Tank -  another chance to receive valuable feedback from top-tier investors in the valley.
ICON’s exclusive community events, giving you an opportunity to network with our community. 


After the Program:
The two-week program is only the start of what has become a lifetime program for our alums.
After SV101, ICON continues the experience by:
Hosting events in Israel on a quarterly basis.
Advising and making intros for as long and as often as our alumni startups need.
Continuing to cultivate our alumni network with professional and social interactions, both in Israel and Silicon Valley
Every year, the alumni get an opportunity to disconnect from their grind, giving them the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with founders from other batches and to discuss lessons learned for their business and professional future.




Sivan Shamri Dahan
Qumra Capital
Tal Moregenstern
Lightspeed Ventures
Jacques Benkoski
Boaz Dinte
Qumra Capital
Laly David
Tal Zackon
Eran Wagner
i3 Equity
Hagi Schwartz
Zohar Levkovitz
Barak Rabinowitz
Yair Cassuto
Avi Eyal
Entree Capital
Avishag Bohobot
Daniel Shinar
Clal Venture
Guy Yamen
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