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Insights from Silicon Valley brought to Israel


Insiders Events in Israel

ICON.INSIDERS is an event series for Israeli tech founders living in Israel.


Each month, we bring speakers and compelling insights from Silicon Valley to Israel. 1:1 Sessions, Talks, Women in Tech events and more.
Our inaugural event was a one-day conference, keynoted by Adi Tatarko, CEO & Co-Founder of Houzz. (press here to learn more about the conference ) The tremendously successful event included 15 intimate, hands-on workshops led by Silicon Valley experts. The 150 Israeli founders who participated in this exclusive conference gained powerful insights and actionable advice.
In this productive year, we held events in Israel with Jeff Epstein of Bessemer Venture Partners, Sam Epstein of ICONIQ Capital, Tim Guleri - Managing Director at Sierra Ventures, Rohit Bodas Partner at Propel Venture Partners, Dovi Frances, Managing Director at SGVC and Jacques Benkoski Partner at U.S. Venture Partners. We also opened a WiT chapter in Tel-Aviv, we had the honor of hosting Yifat Oron- CEO of Leumitech, Eynat Guez, Co-Founder and CEO of Papaya Global and many more.

Insiders Events in Israel

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