Batch 7

1:1 Sessions 

May 13 - May 24, 2019



Throughout the program, you will get a chance to attend group talk with Investors and prominent Industry leaders, before/after these talks we have arranged 1:1's that will give you a chance to get advice that is relevant to your startup. 

1:1's are Optional and require registration.

The 1:1 will be approximately 15 min. so there won't be time for everyone to attend all the sessions

Please read and learn and see which 1:1 is relevant for you and sign up ONLY for relevant ones. 



May 14, 2019

Dror cofounded Innovation Endeavors with Eric Schmidt, MIT Innovation Fellow and former CEO and Executive Chairman of Google/Alphabet Inc., in 2010.

He invests in early-stage startups that are driving exponential rates of change in their industries, leading to a Super Evolution. Dror likes to partner with creative thinkers and hard-core technologists who are leveraging data, compute and advanced engineering to bring their visions to life. Dror led the firm’s investments in Uber, which is using data to move people and things around the world more efficiently; SoFi, which is taking on the banking industry, starting with reinventing student loans to be more data-driven; CommonSense Robotics, which is leveraging data science and robotics to re-architect the supply chain; Zymergen, which uses proprietary software and robotics to genetically engineer thousands of diverse microbes that will be used in things such as snacks and stealth bombers; Freenome, which combines AI, genomics and biology to noninvasively detect certain cancers early; Planet, which is collecting and analyzing massive data sets about the Earth from space; Blue River Technologies (acquired by John Deere), which built machine learning and robotics technology into farm equipment to help farmers more accurately and safely administer chemicals; and others.


May 14, 2019

Operating Partner, Bessemer Venture Capitol


The former CFO of Oracle and DoubleClick, works with Bessemer portfolio company CFOs and CEOs to share and implement best practices.

He leads the Bessemer Venture Partners CFO Advisory Board, where over 100 BVP portfolio company CFOs meet in person and online to help each other learn and improve their effectiveness and performance.

He specializes in marketplaces, B2B cloud software and advertising technology companies.  He teaches the Lean Launchpad class at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Engineering with Steve Blank.  He serves on the Boards of Directors of Kaiser Permanente, The Priceline Group, Shutterstock, Twilio, Global Eagle Entertainment and several private companies.


Alumni feedback - Jeff comes from a strong Operations & Finance background. I think he is a good match for anyone seeking to understand which growth metrics are relevant to focus on and get advise on how to boost performance. I found the session with him useful, and he also introduced me to another company in the Valley - now in initial talks and exploring collaboration.



May 14, 2019


Roy Glasberg, Global lead Google Accelerator & startup program and Rich Hyndman, Lead tech Google Accelerator & startup program for a consult about Google 


May 17, 2019

Vice President, Product at Dropbox


Adam Nash has been an advocate for the development of innovative and user-friendly consumer products in Silicon Valley for over 20 years. He is currently an Executive in Residence at Greylock Partners. Before Greylock, as the President & CEO of Wealthfront, Nash helped usher in a new category of automated investment services. Before Wealthfront, Nash served as Vice President of Product Management at LinkedIn, where he was responsible for core product, user experience, search, mobile & platform. Prior to LinkedIn, Adam held technical & leadership roles at eBay, Atlas Venture, Preview Systems & Apple Computer. Adam is an active angel investor, and has backed over 40 companies including Acorns, Gusto, OpenDoor, Kabbage, Firebase & PeerStreet. Adam also served on the board of directors of the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto from 2011-2017.


the product, understanding and playing on the users' motivations to get others on board and managing the communication between the users to one another. Adam can also help when it comes to understanding which are the elements in your product that are key to your users, how to emphasize them and how to use them to differentiate yourself from competitors. He also randomly throws a lot of great tips and examples for marketing hacks from his experience you will promise yourself you'll remember (or write). In addition, Adam also knows the SV ecosystem from both an investor's point of view and a CEO's point of throughAlumni feedback - When you're looking to make sure every dollar you spent on marketing is making the most impact, Adam is great to consult with. Adam will give you great advice when it comes growth, community "engineering" view, and can share a lot of insights which could save a lot of time.


May 17, 2019

Managing Partner at NFX Guild


James is one of Silicon Valley’s foremost experts in growth and network effects. He's a four-time serial entrepreneur. He is also a pioneer of user-generated models, viral marketing, a/b testing, crowdsourcing, and myriad other growth techniques now followed by nearly all technology companies. 

Because of his expertise in these critical areas of company growth, he's been fortunate to invest in, advise, and mentor many of technology's definitive startups, and has revolutionized the trajectory of today’s leading internet companies


Alumni feedback - Focused on B2C with strong emphasize on network effect. Lots of experience and a killer instinct on whether you have a business case. Don’t expect sugar-coating or sweet talk, you’ll get a direct and to the point feedback. We have spoken with mainly on the business case and monetization. Didn’t reply to any of our emails after the session – so make the most of the time you have.


May 17, 2019

Michael Porat joined the Cisco Corporate Development team in 2012 and is responsible for Cisco’s investment and acquisition efforts in the Data Center and Storage arenas. Prior to this, Michael led Cisco’s investment and acquisition activities in Mobile Wireless including acquisitions such as Intucell, Ubiquisys, and Broadhop. He began his career at Intel managing a global team re-engineering business processes. He then moved into an operational role as ECI Telecom’s Chief of Staff, where he was a key contributor in facilitating a leveraged buyout of the then public company. Before joining Cisco, Michael was a Principal at Genesis Partners, an Israel-based venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments.

Michael earned a BA in Economics from Yale University.


Alumni feedback - Michael Porat is a senior executive at Cisco investments. He is extremely well connected with the investment community in the valley. Michael's forte is in B2B businesses specifically around Storage, Data and Infrastructure. Michael has a very extensive background in investments and M&A so can really help with your pitch in whatever stage you are in. He knows what investors in the valley are looking to see, what story they want to hear for the seed to A to B round and what numbers are to be expected. Michael is extremely busy but will also meetup and help you after the 2 week ICON is over, just make sure to come by and know exactly what connections you need or where you need his expertise help. He doesn't always answer the first email but don't be shy about following up, he will answer eventually.



November 21, 2018

Bruce Fram serves as Strategy and Marketing Consultant to technology companies and is a professional company starter, Bruce served as the CEO of Aerospike, Bruce has more than 25 years in a wide variety of roles in a range of companies including computer networking, enterprise software, storage, financial services, and data management. He has held line positions in marketing, sales, and research and development, and he serves as the CEO of five companies ranging from concepts on slides to $200 million in revenue.


May 21, 2019

Corporate Storyteller and Pitch Alchemist for Start-Ups


May 21, 2019

General Partner, CRV

A veteran VC, having led investments in 30+ startups, many of them been acquired and 4 went on to become $1bn+ unicorns; I'm excited about backing passionate entrepreneurs who are dedicated to building something special; for fun I race off-road vehicles in endurance desert rallies in places like the Sahara desert, South America Atakama, and the Gobi desert.


Areas of interest are Enterprise Software, be it Mobile or SaaS, as well as Drones and Robotics.


May 24, 2019

General Partner, BRV


Cheryl is a General Partner at BlueRun Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm focused on seed and series A opportunities. Her background includes mergers and acquisitions along with brand management and marketing. She brings a diverse skillset to investing in and supporting early stage opportunities across consumer and enterprise applications. Some of Cheryl's investments include Hello Heart, Sendwithus, and ZeeMee. Cheryl is an advisor to Stanford's Biodesign program and the class for mobile health. She is also an advisor to L'Oreal's Women in Digital Program. 

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