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SV101 BATCH 12
October 2022

Amplication logo - with white bg - Yuval Hazaz_edited.jpg

Amplication saves engineers from undifferentiated heavy lifting, making repetitive coding tasks and long development cycles a thing of the past. Amplication accelerates backend development of any application with automated high-quality code generation, streamlining and automating development while solving issues that delay production. Backed by Norwest Venture Partners and Vertex Ventures Israel, Amplication is the most flexible open-source backend development platform, that gets better with every line of code. The Enterprise Edition of Amplication includes an expanded feature-set with multiple capabilities that meet the requirements and standards of large organizations and enterprises.


Yuval Hazaz, Co-founder & CEO

Developer, entrepreneur, and open-source believer! Building an open-source PaaS for cloud development.

yuval-profile - Yuval Hazaz.png
ARMO - Main logo - Color_2x - Shauli Rozen.png

ARMO is on a mission to create the first open source end to end Kubernetes security platform, made for DevOps. As security responsibility is shifting left, Kubescape by ARMO is helping DevOps bridge the gap between operations and security, reducing security overhead while assuring every workloads is born and stays secure from development to production.

Shauli Rozen, Co-founder & CEO 

Shauli is a software developer turned executive, enjoying the Linux command-line while also building start-up ventures. Shauli is the CEO and Co-Founder of ARMO, the company behind the popular open-source K8s security platform Kubescape. Before founding ARMO, Shauli was the GM and Chief Strategy Officer in Optimove, where he oversaw building the company sales department and business team, devising company strategy and raising a $20M growth round from Israel Growth Partners. Prior to that Shauli was a management consultant in the Boston Consulting Group and a new product initiatives director within Amdocs, building startups within the company in the fields of Security, Virtualization, Cloud and Big Data. Shauli holds a B.Sc. Major in Communication Systems Engineering and MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Shauli - Portrait - Shauli Rozen.jpg
ConfettiLogo - Lee Rubin.png

Confetti helps people browse and book unforgettable team-building and corporate experiences in just a few clicks. Through its global virtual event booking platform, Confetti empowers companies like Shopify, Amazon, Google, and others to build happier, more holistic teams. Confetti is a privately held company, having raised over $6 million USD in funding. Thousands of businesses around the world use Confetti to plan amazing social gatherings.


Lee Rubin, Founder & CEO 

Lee Rubin is the co-founder and CEO at Confetti. Lee is a visionary culture leader with a decade of experience in B2B sales. She's one of the world's experts on remote event planning. She scaled Confetti from $0 to $12m in annualized revenue in 2 years using only $2.5m in funding. She manages a team of 60 people who support a customer base of over 4,000 unique paying companies.

Lee Pic - Lee Rubin.jpeg
EverSQL Logo black 700700.png

EverSQL’s platform automatically analyzes the customer’s database workload,
provides actionable insights, and instructs developers on how to fix these
performance bottlenecks automatically. The platform was already used by more
than 70,000 developers from companies such as Google, Salesforce, Amazon, and many more.


Oded Valin, Co-founder & CEO


Previously, Director of Growth Technologies @ WeWork / Director of Product
Management @ CyberArk, while having a key role in CyberArk's IPO and
expansion / Mentor @ Harvard Business School



oded valin.jpeg
Eureka logo- Vertical - full color - Liat Hayun.png

The Eureka Cloud Data Security Posture Management platform enables security teams to successfully navigate the ongoing and often chaotic expansion and growth of cloud data. Eureka automatically discovers entire enterprise cloud data store footprints, data store content, and security and compliance risk while continuously monitoring, improving, and communicating cloud data security posture and compliance. With Eureka, enterprise users are free to store, access, and leverage data with guardrails that don’t interfere with business agility and operations, while security stakeholders are empowered to implement change rapidly and non-intrusively.


Liat Hayun, Co-founder & CEO


Prior to co-founding Eureka Security, Liat spent a decade leading cybersecurity efforts in the Israeli Cyber Command and Palo Alto Networks. Her IDF service merited the prestigious Israel Defense Prize. As VP of Product Management at PANW, Liat lead the production of Cortex XDR and PANW’s Managed Threat Hunting service. These roles have enabled Liat to pursue her greatest interests and concerns in the cybersecurity threat landscape, as well as work with wonderfully talented people on their solutions. Passionate about working closely with others, she is driven to identify meaningful operational security gaps and develop exciting new technologies and strategies to help fellow security leaders tackle them.



eric sultan---1517 - Liat Hayun.jpg
Ludeo Logo Full (Dark Background).png

Ludeo is developing a new social media content - called ‘Playable’; A gamers’ sharable moment, where for the first time, their followers can actively enter and play it and not just passively watch it as a video. With these ‘Playables’ and Ludeo's social platform, Ludeo is redefining the way creators engage with their audience, gamers consume gaming content and game studios retain and monetize their users.

Asaf Gazit, Co-founder & CEO


Asaf is 29 years old, married to Yaara, and has been playing video games all his life. His undergraduate degree is in Computer Science & Entrepreneurship from Reichman University. Served as an officer in the elite unit "Egoz" for five years in the army. Seven years ago, Asaf founded a non-profit organization that educates youth through sports and fitness. the organization has over 60 sites in Israel, and before COVID they had sites in China, the USA, and Australia (which were shut down due to COVID).

Asaf Gazit  - Asaf Gazit.jpeg
Linkedin profile photo_400_400_2 - Danielle Shaul.png

Nilus is enabling next-gen financial products to put an end to costly integrations, fragmented data sources, and manual workflows. Our integrated platform transforms the way companies record, track, and reconcile money by creating a single system of record across providers, banks, and ERPs.

With Nilus’ flexible API, companies can launch or scale high-growth financial products faster than ever before while maintaining financial accuracy and transparency. Our scalable infra and no-code tools empower your finance teams with visibility and control while freeing up your dev teams to focus on building superb customer-facing products.

Daniel Kalish, Co-founder & CEO


Daniel was serving in IDF as a product manager and has a bachelor's degree in law and business from Reichman University. He started his journey in Fintech in 2014 when he had a p2p lending venture in the Zell accelerator. Daniel spent the last 5 years prior to Founding Nilus with PayPal where he was the head of Market Development & GTM for EMEA

Danielle Shaul, Co-founder & CTO


Prior to co-founding Nilus, Danielle spent the last 11 years building sophisticated products as a software engineer, R&D leader, and software architect. She is a real fintech geek passionate about bringing innovation to the financial space. Danielle is a 8200 Alumni and has a BSc in software engineering. Other than Nilus, she is also active in different organizations helping to promote women in the Israeli tech community.

daniel kalish .jpeg
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Oligo Logo - Nadav Czerninski.png

Oligo Security is currently in Stealth.
The three co-founders are alumni of elite IDF cyber units. They grew up together in a small town near Jerusalem and have been childhood best friends - whether it was playing basketball or hacking stuff for fun, they have always done everything together as a team.

Nadav Czerninski, Co-founder & CEO

Nadav is a former Captain in elite IDF cyber units, in which he served as a researcher and team leader for more than 6 years. He was responsible for the innovation of new cybersecurity operations and technologies and was awarded for his team leadership. Prior to co-founding Oligo, Nadav studied Computational Neuroscience at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is passionate about solving challenges with technical expertise, creativity, and interpersonal skills.

Gal Elbaz, Co-founder & CTO

Gal is a security researcher, specializing in low-level vulnerability research, exploitation, and fuzzing. Prior to co-founding Oligo, he worked at Checkpoint for 6 years with a track record of CVE’s and publications, served in an elite Israeli cyber unit, and jumpstarted his own cybersecurity consulting company. In his spare time, he likes competing at CTFs and playing footvolley at the beach.

Avshalom Hilu, Co-founder & CPO

Avshalom is a former Captain in 8200, experienced in both defensive & offensive cybersecurity. As an officer, he trained over 200 cyber defenders and then focused on applying his defensive knowledge to cyber operations. Later on, he studied Computational Neuroscience at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Avshalom's passion for innovation and technology is what ultimately preceded him to co-found Oligo and build the stepping stones of its product.


Nadav_headshot - Nadav Czerninski.jpg
Avshi_headshot - Nadav Czerninski.jpeg
Redefine Logo - Color_4x - Lior Neumann.png

Redefine is a one click CI/CD Optimization Platform. Redefine accelerates the software development cycle while increasing the code quality. Our unique platform combines code analysis and machine learning to optimize the build and cut the developer feedback time by more than 90%.

Lior Neumann, Co-founder & CEO

Lior Neumann completed his CS BSc during high school (age 18) and his CS MSc during his six years army service in unit 8200. Discovered a severe vulnerability in the Bluetooth protocol (Paper 2019/1043), which led to a standard amendment followed by implmentation fix to all Bluetooth products world-wide including brands like Google, Apple, Intel, Broadcom, and Qualcomm. Amateur tennis player, swimmer, and snowboarder.

Ayal Regev, Co-founder & CTO

Ayal Regev is a 81 alumnus (served for 5 years), lead vulnerability and embedded research efforts. After the military service, Ayal led engineering and management efforts for multiple companies as a consulting service.
Ayal also enjoys instructing research & development technics, as well as lead climbing and bouldering.

Lior Neumann - Image - Lior Neumann.jpg
head_shot - Ayal Regev.jpg
silk logo (1).jpg

Silk is building a Finding Management Platform to create a single-source-of-truth for all security findings. With Silk, security and GRC leaders can automatically organize their findings in a more meaningful way and create a standardized remediation highway to provide engineers/risk owners self-service capabilities to efficiently manage their remediations at scale.

Silk's co-founders came from Goldman Sachs, Palo Alto Networks, Meta, IDF 8200, and successful security startups. Silk is backed by Insight Partners, Hetz Ventures, Jason Witty, Shlomo Kramer, Mickey Boodaei, and other serial cyber executives.

Yoav Nathaniel, Co-founder & CEO

Yoav was born in Shoham, Israel, and moved to northern New Jersey when he was 10. He studied computer science, before joining Avanan, a cloud security startup that was acquired by CheckPoint, as the first employee. Yoav later moved to Goldman Sachs where he led the firm-wide cloud security engineering team, in charge of the cloud security standards, roadmap, and technologies for the entire organization. Yoav has a passion for technology innovations and customer satisfaction.
In his free time, Yoav practices martial arts, flys planes, and paints

Or Priel, Co-founder & CPO

Or has years of experience in cybersecurity, spanning different fields. Prior to founding Silk Security, Or was VP of Product Management at Ermetic. Previous to that, Or worked for Palo Alto networks for over six years, leading several product lines. Prior to his tenure there, he worked for Cyvera, a cybersecurity company later acquired by Palo Alto Networks. During his military service, Or served as a captain in a special ops unit of the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps.

Bar Katz, Co-founder & CTO

Bar has a vast experience in cyber security, starting from Unit 8200, where during his service, he founded Pasten (pronounced pass-ten), a competitive CTF group.
Since his service in the IDF, Bar has served in management positions and lead the development for cyber security products at companies like Xage, Palo Alto Networks and Meta.
Bar currently resides in California, is an avid surfer and loves hiking all the beautiful parks in the area.


1516445874732 - Or Priel.jpeg
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