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 Batch 13

May 8-19, 2023

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The current environment: with the ever-growing demand for software solutions and the need to improve development velocity, developers face immense challenges around code integrity.
Enter CodiumAI: a new code integrity product rooted in the trends of shift-left and Generative-AI. CodiumAI leverages the application’s code, documents and data to create component testing and code explainability. With CodiumAI, developers innovate faster with confidence, saving most of their time devoted to creating meaningful test logic and scenarios/data.


Itamar Friedman, Co-founder & CEO

Itamar Friedman is the CEO & Co-founder of CodiumAI, the leader in the emerging code integrity market. Prior to that, Itamar was the co-founder and CTO of Visualead, acquired by Alibaba Group. As a director at Alibaba, he led teams to create innovative ML-based B2C and B2D applications and tools used by millions.
Itamar holds a BSc & MSc in Electrical Engineering (Summa Cum Laude) from the Technion, majoring in Machine Learning.

Dedy Kredo, Co-founder & CPO

Dedy Kredo is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of CodiumAI, leading the product and engineering teams to empower developers to build software faster and more accurately through the use of artificial and human intelligence. Before founding CodiumAI, Dedy served as VP of Customer Facing Data Science at Explorium, where he built and led a talented data science team and played a key role in the company's growth from seed to series C. Previously, Dedy was the founder of an online marketing startup, growing it from a bootstrapped venture to millions in revenue. Before that, he spent seven years in Colorado and California where he was a product line manager at VMware's management business unit. During this time, he worked closely with Fortune 500 companies and successfully launched several new products to market.

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Dragonfly is an in-memory datastore that scales vertically to support millions of operations per second and terabyte sized workloads on a single instance. It is fully compatible with the Redis ecosystem and requires no code changes to implement.

Oded Poncz, Co-founder & CEO 

Oded is Co-founder and CEO of DragonflyDB: The most performant In-memory datastore for cloud environments. He is the former Co-founder and CTO of Ubimo, a location intelligence company, acquired by Quotient technologies in 2019.  Previously, Oded was the Co-founder and CTO of Labpixies, a leading provider of personalized web content technology acquired by Google in 2010. He is a father of two and a builder in nature.


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DualBird accelerates big data workloads by orders of magnitude and with fraction of the cost, currently operating in stealth mode.


Amir Gilad, Founder & CEO 

Technion graduate (cum-laude) in Electrical Engineering. Over 11 years of experience in all aspects of ASIC development in leading companies (Intel, Amazon). A former CTO of a SW startup in the field of big data analytics, with years of experience in that domain.

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Easyway is building an AI Receptionist as part of its Guest Relationship Management platform for hotels. By integrating with popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Easyway's solution aims to streamline operations, increase revenue, and enhance guest satisfaction.


Roy Friedman, Co-founder & CEO


Roy's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for technology have been the driving force behind the company's success. While studying engineering at Tel Aviv University, Roy invested his life savings to start Easyway, a decision that has paid off in spades. Prior to launching the company, Roy served as a commander in the IDF Special Forces and traveled the world for a year, gaining valuable experience that he has brought to his role as CEO.

Asaf Ofer, Co-founder & CTO


As the founder and CTO of Easyway, Asaf is the driving force behind the company's cutting-edge technology and product. With a strong technical background in NLP and AI, Asaf founded the company shortly after his military service in the IDF Intelligence corps. Asaf's passion for technology and his ability to stay ahead of the curve have allowed him to build a product that is on the cutting edge of the industry.



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ehouse is building the operational rails for the future of eCommerce, with the first all-in-one logistics OS, allowing merchants to focus on growing their business rather than just running it. ehouse merchants get access to flexible storage spaces in urban locations, fulfillment and logistics solutions, and a marketplace with every service they need to run their business- all managed in an end-to-end digital platform that help merchants get full visibility and control on their entire back-end side of their business. 


Tal Niego , Co-founder & Co - CEO


Tal is an entrepreneur by heart and soul and has a real passion for building products and businesses. Before ehouse, she founded two home renovation and construction tech companies - Remake and Easybuild. She also co-founded Tipis, Israel's leading online brand for wall decals. She holds a and a Global MBA.

Elad Goldenberg, Co-founder & Co- CEO

Elad is an experienced leader with a background in art, architecture, and entrepreneurship. With over a decade of experience in managing complex operations across the globe, Elad brings valuable expertise to ehouse. He is a licensed architect and holds a B.Arch from Bezalel Academy.



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Entitle automates how access to cloud resources is requested, granted, and audited. It eliminates bottlenecks related to manual access granting and enables dynamic, just-in-time authorization for better security, governance, and productivity. Its customers include public companies such as Lemonade and Hippo and high-growth tech companies like BigID, At-bay, K-Health, and Bilt.


Ron Nissim, Co - founder & CEO


Prior to founding Entitle, Nissim served in 8200, the elite intelligence unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Nissim is an entrepreneur in spirit with a passion for identity security and software engineering.

Avi Zester, Co - founder & CTO


Prior to founding Entitle, Zetser served in 8200, the elite intelligence unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Zetser is an experienced Security Researcher with a demonstrated history of overcoming complex security challenges with a nation-state sense of mission. 



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Flexor helps data-driven teams tap into their unstructured textual data by structuring it and making it analytics-ready.

Or Zabludowski, Co-founder & CEO


Talpiot graduate and class commander. He built and led data science, engineering and analytics groups for cyber defense projects in the IDF. In addition, he led the operational intelligence group for the Israeli Ministry of Health during the COVID pandemic.

Regev Ben Simon, Co-founder & CTO


Talpiot graduate and class commander. He led multidisciplinary engineering teams on complex projects - robotics, embedded systems and software, supporting everything from special operations to aerospace projects. In addition, he built and led an elite group of intelligence officers and engineers to tackle top-priority operational challenges.

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OX Security is the first and only end-to-end software supply chain security solution that empowers DevSecOps teams with visibility, security and integrity from modeling and planning through to production. Because OX scans the complete software supply chain and not just the CI/CD or SDLC, the visibility is complete, contextual prioritization of issues is accurate and automated remediation recommendations are trustworthy.

Neatsun Ziv, Co-founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO of OX.Security | Tech & Cyber savvy | ex-VP @ Check Point

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Preql is a data SaaS company, founded by Gabi Steele & Leah Weiss in 2022. They previously built a data engineering consultancy focused on helping organizations unlock value from their data and implement modern data infrastructure. Through those learnings they are now tackling the most critical and overlooked part of the modern data stack with Preql. The team is based in New York and San Francisco. 

Gabi Steele, Co-founder & CEO

Gabi Steele is the Co-Founder of Preql, a no-code data tool that empowers business users to create and manage metrics without writing SQL. Gabi previously built a data engineering consultancy called Data Culture and led data visualization engineering teams at WeWork and The Washington Post. 


Reco_logo_Blue (1).png solution enables its AI-based interaction graph to provide the most effective security for Saas data and users, by continuously mapping every user interaction with their data



Ofer Klein, Co-founder & CEO

Ofer is a former Israeli pilot, a serial entrepreneur with a vast experience in building and growing GTM teams with SaaS companies in the US.  He is passionate about leading DATA and AI-based solutions for the distributed workforce. 

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Sensi.Ai extends the reach of home care agencies with the first 24/7 Virtual Care Agent that provides a 360-degree view of a senior’s physical, emotional, and cognitive needs. Sensi’s sophisticated audio-analytics empowers home care agencies to detect, predict and prevent unwanted events from occurring. Armed with Sensi’s data and insights, agencies can reduce hospitalizations, increase care hours, identify caregiver training needs, up caregiver and client satisfaction and extend the lifetime value of their customers.

Romi Gubes, Co-founder & CEO

As a senior enterprise software engineer, Romi brings over a decade of managerial, product and R&D experience from fortune 500 technology companies such Vonage, Cisco and DellEMC. Driven by her passion to impact the world for the better, Romi has been leveraging her experience to raise the bar in senior care through the power of artificial intelligence. Romi is the CEO of Sensi.Ai - an advanced AI audio-based analytics, insights and recommendations engine that empowers in-home care agencies to make data-driven decisions on the physical and emotional health of their clients and offer a hybrid model of in-person and virtual care support to provide a holistic 24/7 assessment of the home environment.

Nevo Elmalem, Co-founder & CTO

As a serial technology entrepreneur, Nevo brings to Sensi over a decade of extensive R&D experience and expertise. Prior to founding Sensi, Nevo was part of the founding team at Secure Native, a unique cyber security startup. He also was part of the founding team at Yulion, was Tech Team Leader at Double Verify, and part of the founding team at Oribi. He has extensive experience in building R&D teams and full stack software solutions from scratch.
He also served as Full stack engineer and senior developer at leading companies such as ebay and Outbrain. 


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