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 Batch 15

May 27 - June 7, 2024


Clarity is an AI Cybersecurity company that protects enterprises, organizations and individuals from deepfake manipulations created by Generative AI.


Michael Matias, Co-founder & CEO

Michael Matias is an entrepreneur, builder and investor. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clarity, a company that enables organizations to rapidly identify and immunize from Deepfakes and synthetic media created by generative AI. Matias served as an Officer (was first-in-class) at 8200 (received the Cyber Excellence Award for 2019) and founded two AI teams that received the National Defense Prize. Matias then studied AI at Stanford University and led AI teams at Hippo Insurance. He is an angel investor in more than 70 deep-tech startups, and was on the investment team for multiple VCs, including Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors. He is the founder and host of a technology leadership podcast (20MinuteLeaders) with 1000+ episodes and authored 150+ articles in a leading Israeli financial newspaper.

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Product Security, By Design.

Still in Stealth-mode. Stay tuned!

Alon Kollmann, Co-Founder & CEO

Combining deep technical expertise with results-driven business leadership, Alon is a seasoned technology leader with over 15 years of experience. Prior to Clover, Alon played strategic roles in leading security startups such as Dazz and Hysolate. He’s also an ex-Microsoft/Google engineer and holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BSc (Summa Cum Laude) in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University.

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Euno is a frictionless data model governance platform, offering a novel approach to dynamic data modeling that harmoniously balances the freedom of data analysts with rigorous data model consistency. Designed for data teams at large and scale-up organizations, our platform fosters a collaborative environment where business analysts can innovate freely, and data teams can efficiently transform new business logic into data model elements that are both consistent and reusable across the organization. The platform seamlessly integrates with popular BI tools and uses powerful automations to detect, map, and sync data model changes at scale. Recognized for establishing a dbt™-first standard in data model governance, Euno is backed by data leaders and engineering trailblazers who share a common vision: to untangle the toughest knots for data teams and give you governance peace of mind, no matter how fast your company scales.


Sarah Levy, Co-founder & CEO 

Over the past 25 years, Sarah Levy has solved cutting-edge problems as a tech leader. As an elite Talpiot program graduate, Levy went on to lead a cybersecurity department in the IDF Intelligence Unit 81. She then served at Sight Diagnostics as CTO, where she played a pivotal role in scaling the company from series A to series D, revolutionizing point-of-care blood testing with computer vision and AI. Nowadays, Levy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Euno, a data startup dedicated to empowering data teams in navigating the delicate balance between analysis freedom and data model governance.

Eyal Firstenberg, Co-founder & CTO 

Eyal Firstenberg is a graduate of the prestigious Talpiot program and a former officer of Unit 8200 within the Israeli Intelligence Corps. He transitioned to become the VP of R&D at Lightcyber, one of the first data analytics-powered cybersecurity startups in 2013. There, he successfully scaled the R&D operations from Seed to a successful acquisition by Palo Alto Networks in 2017, where he continued his role as Senior Director of Engineering. Today, Firstenberg is the Co-Founder and CTO of Euno, a data startup focused on helping data teams navigate the balance between analysis freedom and scalable data model governance.

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Jigso revolutionizes the way you manage your apps and data, offering a seamless, text-based assistant experience. Our platform proactively babysits your digital ecosystem, not only providing real-time alerts but also delivering insights and identifying anomalies to keep you ahead. Automate action item discovery across Slack, Gmail, and more, and gain quick data access directly within your favorite tools. With robust support for all popular business apps including Slack, Gmail, Calendar, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Jira, various project management tools, and many more, as well as compatibility with all common databases, Sidekick ensures comprehensive oversight. Receive tailored reports without navigating away, unify your organization's AI efforts through a single hub, and significantly reduce the need for multiple SaaS licenses.

Or Shani, Co-founder & CEO


Or Shani is a veteran entrepreneur in the tech industry, recognized for founding Albert AI, where he served as CEO and founder. At Albert AI, he led the development of an AI-driven platform that automated digital marketing campaigns, significantly impacting the digital marketing landscape. The company went from bootstrapped to becoming a public company in only a few years. After a successful exit from Albert AI, Shani became the CEO and co-founder of Jigso io, focusing on leveraging AI to empower employees and organizations to better utilize their data and apps. His work aims to optimize organizational performance through innovative technology solutions. Shani's career is distinguished by his contributions to integrating AI in practical business applications, establishing him as a key influencer in technology and digital marketing.


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Kahoona is the most intuitive way for every brand to get real-time customer visibility and unlock their full potential.

Kahoona enables AI-predictive hyper-personalization in a cookieless world, allowing brands and online retailers to turn the 96% of website visitors who remain unidentified into high-intent buyers. After a few moments of user interaction, Kahoona’s AI predicts an anonymous user’s purchase probability, pricing level, demographics, and other metrics previously obscured.

Kahoona's AI predictive approach offers a rich & comprehensive alternative to increase conversion and enable hyper-personalization on 100% of website visitors very early in the user’s buying journey, for marketing, on-site personalization, retail media, CDP and analytics.


Gal Rapoport, Co-founder & CEO


As one of Amazon's first employees in Israel, both at AWS and Alexa Shopping, Gal is developing AI & Big Data systems for years - leading AI and Personalization groups. Gal studied Computer Engineering and Entrepreneurship (M.Sc, Technion) with emphasis on multi-modal AI. He is bringing his sportsmanship as a former professional water-polo player, and his grit & leadership from serving as a team leader in a combat elite unit into leading his second deep-tech company as Kahoona's CEO.

Alon Ashkenasi, Co-Founder & CTO

Alon has a life-long passion for technology and engineering with a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, engineering role at Intel, and leading R&D at Cirotta - a mobile privacy startup. As an infantry combat leader, small business founder and lead instructor at HaGal Sheli NPO, Alon brings a varied experience as Kahoona's CTO.



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The average American juggles around 15 different accounts, including credit cards, loans, bank accounts, and fintech apps. This fragmentation of services has made it increasingly challenging to track, comprehend, manage, and optimize our financial lives.

With Sequence, consumers and small business owners get to bring together all their accounts into one place, create automations to boost savings, optimize finances, and automatically move money based on dates, balance status, and other criteria.

Unlike other personal finance platforms, Sequence is actionable. You can execute your financial strategy directly from the platform, making it easier to stay on top of your finances and take control of your financial goals.


Gilad Uziely, Co - founder & CEO


Gilad is a serial entrepreneur with a dynamic background ranging from starting a successful traditional travel business to founding his first startup to leading policy-making positions within Tel Aviv’s local government. In the past five years Gilad has been focused on consumer-fintech and most recently, before starting Sequence, he co-founded Lance. Husband of Rebecca and Father of 3 (2 daughters and a dog).



Gilad Uziely-sequence.jpg

We're building foundation models for fast, previously inaccessible therapies. Our AI platform fuels a virtuous cycle: It creates therapies, generating massive data that further improve the platform, enabling even faster therapy creation with broader applications.

Micha Breakstone, Co-founder & CEO


Micha Breakstone, repeat entrepreneur (e.g. acq. for $575m); MSc in Mathematics, PhD cognitive Sciences

Valkyrie__Logotype Color-Positive.png

Valkyrie is an agentless privilege management platform, which detects and protects how privileges are granted and used in hybrid environments with powerful observability capabilities and just-in-time policies.

Revolutionizing identity security in evolving enterprise environments, Valkyrie is dedicated to managing the entire privilege lifecycle securely.

Rotem Lurie, Co-founder & CEO

Rotem's passion for technology, problem-solving, and her love for working closely with people have propelled her into a career in cybersecurity product management. A firm believer that teams thrive in a diverse culture that encourages a sense of ownership, and embraces risk-taking, Rotem has consistently aimed to cultivate such environments.

After her distinguished service as an officer in the Israeli Intelligence Force’s Elite 8200 unit, she pursued a dynamic career path with roles at Microsoft, Axis Security, and YL Ventures. With a rich background in addressing complex security challenges and a commitment to fostering strong, successful teams, Rotem, alongside her co-founder Or Vaknin, is dedicated to solving one of today’s most critical issues: protecting privileges from attacks and abuse.

Or Vaknin Co-founder & CTO

Or Vaknin began his career in the 8200 unit, specializing in vulnerability research and leading a team of researchers. He was one of the first engineers (10th hire) at Transmit Security, where he significantly contributed to developing their identity infrastructure. After five years at Transmit, Or transitioned into a product role to broaden his business understanding. He then advanced to become a Software Architect at Flow Security, working directly under the CTO, with aspirations of becoming a CTO himself after.


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Yess autonomously converts leads into meetings for B2B go-to-market teams with a pay-per-meeting pricing model. Yess uses hundreds of the company's first and third party data points to prioritize leads based on intent, create personalized strategies, and execute engagement plans for the right leads at the right time — which evolves in real-time.


Jonathan Bregman, Co-founder & CEO

Jonathan is the CEO & Co-Founder of Yess. Jonathan founded Yess after working at AWS for 6 years, where he led the first startup hunting team globally, exceeded 9-figure team quotas, and became AWS' youngest L7 leader. Jonathan holds a BA in Economics from Ben-Gurion University and a MBA from Tel-Aviv University.


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