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Thank you for applying to ICON’s membership.
We are so happy to welcome you to our fantastic community.

What’s next?

Exclusive Events
We will send you invitations to private events based on the information you provided on the membership form. When you get an invite, you will have to RSVP to confirm your spot. No flaking, please.

ICON's Closed Community on Facebook
See who else is a member and connect with him/her. Introduce yourself, ask and answer questions, have your questions answered by community experts & read exclusive material, available only to our community members. Join here.

ICON Space
Come and work from our shared space anytime. The door code is 9339*, and 
the space is open 24/7. Conference rooms are available with advance booking. If you would like to make ICON your full-time office - talk to us.

Spread the word
Recommend others for ICON membership - We are looking for full-time Israeli Tech Founders, Corporate Executives in big corporations (Director and above), and Partners in Venture Funds.



Warm regards, THE ICON TEAM

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