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IC  Nic WoMentoring

Women Helping Women Through Tech Career Mentoring


We are fortunate to have a community of strong women in tech, and as we've seen in our meetups, amazing things happen when we come together. Our main goal of the ICON WiT meetups has always been to empower women to move forward in their tech career by being inspired by other women who have paved the way. We now want to take this one step further!


In conjunction with the international women's month, we are launching a new mentoring program fully dedicated to the women of our community - ICONic WoMentoring.


In order for us to find the right WoMentors, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas around the topics that you’d like to get mentored on. For example: Managing and working with a board of directors, managing international teams, career changes, interviews and promotions, fundraising or any other topic you believe could make an impact. 

Please let us know whether you would like to be a WoMentor or are looking to be matched with one - or both!

We will do the rest. 

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