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The ICON Space is located in the OFJCC campus in Palo-Alto, the heart of the Silicon Valley, conveniently located right off of 101

Professional and social interaction with other members

Free wi-fi, printer, copier and scanner. high-end coffee and soft drinks

24/7 access to space and conference rooms

All ICON members are able to enjoy for free:
confrence room
JCC Palo Alto 03
JCC Palo Alto 12
JCC Palo Alto 19
JCC Palo Alto 15
JCC Palo Alto 11
JCC Palo Alto 01 (1)
JCC Palo Alto 05
JCC Palo Alto 06
JCC Palo Alto 07
JCC Palo Alto 08
JCC Palo Alto 09
JCC Palo Alto 10
JCC Palo Alto 16

Conference Rooms

Small conference room - up to 3 people

How to book a room:


Look for a free time on the calendars below and send the room a meeting invite from your google calendar.

If you are trying to book a time that is already booked, your invite will be declined.

Keep in mind the details of your conference would be publicly presented here.


Big room invite link:


Small room invite link:

Big conference room - up to 5 people

Big conference room

Small conference room

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