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SV101 is a rare opportunity to get an exclusive view of the inner workings of Silicon Valley, meeting key figures who give their perspective on what makes it tick and how to start off business in the right way.

Please note - The purpose of this visit is NOT fundraising, rather familiarizing yourself with the Silicon Valley ecosystem, making necessary connections and building your network which is vital to boosting future sales, business development, and fundraising efforts.


Up to 10 outstanding Israeli Founders of tech start-ups on venture trajectory, who want to learn more about Silicon Valley.  Must have raised over $1M and have a defined product.  Both B2B and B2C startups are welcome to apply. Based on submissions, ICON reserves the right to choose a vertical of focus to best tailor the visit to selected participants.

How Much

Participants are responsible for travel and their daily expenses such as lodging and food (to reduce costs we will connect you to suitable accommodation). The cost of the program - $2000 each (to cover common costs).


Silicon Valley, California. ICON’s shared workspace in Palo Alto will serve as our base with travel around the Bay Area.


SV101 Batch 15

May, 2024

Who Should Apply?


  • Israeli Founders of tech start-ups on venture trajectory, who want to learn more about Silicon Valley and do a business/fundraiser there.

  • Most companies that took part in SV101 raised between $2-4M. Companies applying must have raised over $1M

  • Sales is a plus but not a must, having a clearly defined product is a must.

  • All startups from all verticals are welcome to apply.





In Silicon Valley

Each startup will receive at least two mentors from their verticals. The mentor’s role is to guide them through the program, to provide them with valuable feedback on their product and what they do while connecting them with relevant people in the Bay area.


During the 2-weeks, participants will take part in: 
Group Talks & Workshops with ICON members and guests. (Past speakers include Oren Zeev, Nir Zuk, Adam Nash, Jeff Epstein and more).
Sales and Marketing series, which includes workshops that teach founders how to sell in the US.
On-site visits to major Silicon Valley corporations like Andreessen Horowitz, Facebook, Google and more.
1:1 Office hours with Investors and Corporate executives in the Valley. (Past mentors included Noam Bardin, Izhar Armony, Amir Ashkenazi and many more.) 
At the end of each week, you will attend “The Grill”; a friendly and insightful Shark Tank -  another chance to receive valuable feedback from top-tier investors in the valley.
ICON’s exclusive community events, giving you an opportunity to network with our community.

Life after the program

The two-week program is only the start of what has become a lifetime program for our alums.

After SV101, ICON continues the experience by:

Hosting events in Israel on a quarterly basis.

Advising and making intros for as long and as often as our alumni startups need

Continuing to cultivate our alumni network with professional and social interactions, both in Israel and Silicon Valley

Every year, the alumni get an opportunity to disconnect from their grind, giving them the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with founders from other batches and to discuss lessons learned for their business and professional future.

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