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BATCH 5 - April 2018


Atidot is an insurtech company empowering the life insurance industry with big data and predictive analytics. Atidot’s cloud-based platform provides life insurers with data-driven insights to inform decision making and develop new business strategies. Founded by a team of data scientists and actuaries, including the former Chief Actuary at the Israel Ministry of Finance, Atidot is working with leading insurance providers to allow them to take control of their existing data to improve policyholder retention, sales, and in-force management thereby increasing revenues. 


Dror Katzav, Co-founder and CEO 

Prior to co-founding Atidot, I acquired an MSc in Information Sciences and completed an 11-year career as a Talpiot (an elite program for R&D officers) graduate, leading state-of-the-art technology development for the technological unit of the Intelligence Corps in the Israeli Army. In that unit, I led teams in AI, data solutions, cybersecurity and more.


cynerio - new.png

Cynerio has one mission: to secure healthcare fast. The Cynerio Healthcare IoT platform provides healthcare facilities with a comprehensive suite of solutions that caters to every IT need, from healthcare-safe Zero Trust cybersecurity to asset and risk management. Our platform covers every connected asset - whether it's medical/IoMT, Enterprise IoT, or an OT system - and every threat vector, equipping hospitals with the tools, insight, and control they need to get cyber-secure fast and stay secure


Leon Lerman, Co-Founder & CEO 


Leon has over 15 years of experience in innovative technology development, served in Israel's elite Unit 8200 cyber technology division, has served as a trusted security advisor to Fortune 500 companies, and has earned international recognition for excellence in the cybersecurity industry. 


Epsagon enables teams to instantly visualize, understand, and optimize their microservice architectures. With our comprehensive lightweight auto-instrumentation, gaps in data and manual work associated with other APM solutions are eliminated, providing significant reductions in issue detection, root cause analysis, and resolution times.



Nitzan Shapira, Co-Founder & CEO


Nitzan has over 11 years of experience in R&D and management. Previously a software engineer at Intel and Demisto, and an engineer and team leader at the IDF intelligence. Nitzan holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science.


Ran Ribenzaft,  Co-founder & CTO

Ran has over 8 years of experience in the IDF intelligence, as an engineer, team leader, project manager and group leader, leading over 25 people. Ran is also an Amazon Alexa skill developer and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science.


Positive RGB_Horizontal_final.png logo2.png is a fused reality platform that it lets people create their own unique and shareable augmented story videos instantly. It redefines the way people react to their favourite content, allowing them to integrate themselves into news clips, music videos, TV and movie scenes and memes in just one click. brings a new perspective to user-generated content in the AR environment, creating user integrated content which sees users integrate themselves into the content. Founded in Tel-Aviv Israel the company has expanded to lately to Los Angeles. Among our partners are - Coca-Cola, P&G, music labels, iHeartradio, and more


Liat Sade-Strenberg, Co-Founder & CEO 


Liat was recognized by ‘Vivendi’, a French multinational mass media company, as a Promise Entrepreneur. She was the first Israeli who won MIDEMLAB, the biggest STARTUP COMPETITION of the music industry in 2015.  

Formerly, Liat served as a VP Sales & Marketing of Babylon, Leading the marketing strategies execution to meet the company objectives. With an average of 31.3 million daily unique visitors, During her role, the company income had grown significantly representing an increase of 540. Among her volunteer activities are - Mentoring in the 8200 EISP, Lectures in Google TLV Campus for Moms and more. 


GlobeKeeper was founded in San Francisco back in 2016 by Dan Peleg and Shai Slobodov with the mission of making the world a safer place. Dan & Shai leveraged their military experience in communication engineering in order to build GlobeKeeper.
GlobeKeeper's products are being used by top government agencies as well as Fortune 500 enterprises to manage their global safety and security operations. More than 4,000+ incidents have been resolved using GlobeKeeper keeping 50,000+ people safe world-wide.


Dan Peleg, Co-Founder &  CEO 

Dan started hacking & programming when he was 12.

He opened his first successful business at the age of 15, developed robotic systems for General Robotics, and lectured in DEFCON when he was 17.

Following his early-life experience, he recruited to the Technological Intelligence unit in the IDF where he served for 4 years as a software developer and researcher.

Today he’s the CEO of GlobeKeeper, a company that builds real-time field collaboration platform that improves officer's response time by +60% and helps them save lives.

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IMedis is an artificial intelligence quality and risk platform for medical diagnostics, analyzing health informatics to identify previously undetected patients that are candidates for early and preventative care. Our vision is to help deliver better clinical outcomes, lower medical costs and mitigate clinical risks.



Tomer Glottman, Co-Founder & CEO 

Tomer brings many years of experience in the leadership of digital health and medical companies and was responsible for several innovative products implementing health analytics installed in numerous health providers and institutions.
Tomer is a Mamram graduate (IDF Technology Unit) and holds a BA in Computer Science and Management (Honors) and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Shopic is a revolutionary solution that enables customers to quickly and efficiently check out their purchases from anywhere in the store - without having to wait in line. Using advanced Machine Learning technologies, Shopic even detects behavioural anomalies to help prevent shrinkage.



Dan Bendler, Co-Founder & CEO 

Dan is the CEO and one of the co-founders of Shopic. Before founding Shopic, Dan worked in various roles at companies like Verint, Checkpoint and Wix. Dan holds a BA in Computer Science with honours for leadership from the IDC Herzliya, and an MBA with a major in Entrepreneurship and Technology from Tel-Aviv University.

SQream develops SQream DB, the only GPU powered SQL analytics database that allows organizations to analyze 20 times the amount of data, up to 100 times faster at 10% of the cost, to achieve previously unattainable insights and
intelligence. SQream DB combines advanced chip and software technologies to
bring to customers a once in a generation advance for exploiting very large
data insights. For enterprises that have massive data stores and understand
the importance of comprehensive data analysis to stay competitive, SQream
delivers an accelerated database platform to complement or replace existing
data management solutions, which leads to major business improvements.


Ami Gal, Co-Founder & CEO 


Ami has over 20 years of technological and entrepreneurial leadership experience, leading to a business approach combined with strong technical background. In the last ten years, Ami invested and/or served on the board of a few startups, as well as mentoring founders and startup programs. 
Ami went back to be a founder and co-founded SQream to bring the next generation of data crunching to make businesses more intelligent. 
Former VP of Business Development of Magic Software (MGIC) Ami co-founded Manov, later acquired by Magic Software, which completed a secondary PO around Manov’s solutions


Stream Elements is a production platform for online video creators. We provide live streamers with all the tools they need to create a well-produced broadcast, grow their audience and monetize it. Launched Feb. 2017, we currently have over 41K Twitch/YouTube channels using our tools, with over 16M monthly unique viewers and 5.4Bn minutes viewed per month.


Doron Nir, Co-Founder &  CEO 

Doron Nir is a veteran game designer, one of the founders of GameIS (Israeli Digital Game Developers Association) and one of the top podcasters in the Hebrew language (Geekonomy). Doron is also a lecturer of Game Design at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.​

ICON - 3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303  Tel: 650-391-9134
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