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BATCH 6 - November 2018



Adanite's Perimeter-as-a-Service delivers a simple solution to access organizational resources without the need for VPN. 
By applying the Zero-Trust model, it introduces an extremely secured environment to connect remote employees, 3rd-party contractors and personal devices to internal applications. In addition, the platform saves countless hours of admin configurations and gives full visibility of user activities in the network, on top of a completely transparent user experience.


Or Zilberman, Co-founder & CEO 


During his army service, Or served in the Medicine Corps as a team commander. Later, after finishing a combined degree in Maths & Computer Science, 
Or managed customer operations as a Data Solutions Manager at SimilarWeb.


Noa Shafir, Co-founder & CPO


Following a role as a Network Researcher in Unit 8200, Noa graduated with honours a combined degree of Maths & Computer Science, parallel to several research projects in TAU and Weizman Institute.
She then continued to a role as a Software-Engineer at Google.

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Cognigo is a single point of control to manage and protect critical data assets and PIIs through Cognitive Computing. Think of us as the "Siri" for data discovery, classification, protection and CCPA/GDPR compliance. 


Guy Leibovitz, Founder & CEO 


Guy served as an independent consultant to leading companies and startups, specializing in applying machining learning algorithms to cybersecurity solutions. He was one of the first employees at Imperva, which was recently acquired for $2.1B. He also served as a senior technical lead in the elite technological unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps. He studied computer vision and advanced machine learning in the Weizmann Institute of science and holds a in computer science and economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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Explorium’s automated external data platform empowers organizations to find the alternative data they need to enhance their data science and advanced analytics. The Explorium platform offers automated data discovery, enrichment, integration, and auditing, allowing teams to find the most relevant data for their use cases and business challenges in minutes. 

Explorium cuts down on data acquisition costs and resource drain, and lets teams focus on the important task of building better models, asking the right business questions, and finding the answers effectively and quickly.


Maor Shlomo, Co-founder & CEO 


Maor is a former Data Science leader at IDF 8200 Unit, where he built the most prominent and widely used data mining system in the Israeli intelligence community, recently winning an Israel Defense Prize. His vision for the company grew from the unique challenges of data variety and scale that he faced during his service. Prior founding Explorium, Maor was the CTO of a content recommendation startup for brick and mortar retailers. 


Or Tamir, Co-founder & COO  


Prior to co-founding Explorium, Or was Senior VP at Natural Intelligence, he founded and led multiple functions including product, data systems, growth strategy, corporate development and brand marketing. 
Or lends his product, strategy and marketing expertise to startups as a mentor in leading Israeli accelerators such as Microsoft ScaleUp and Barclays powered by TechStars.
During his military service, Or was an 8200 graduate, an Intelligence Officer and Team Leader at the IDF Special Operations Command, where he led intelligence aspects of an Israel Defense Prize-winning project. 


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Kindite developed and patented encryption technology to process users’ encrypted data at the cloud - without decrypting. Customer's data is guaranteed to be unreadable throughout its lifetime, while application functionality and users' experience remain unharmed.


Maor Cohen, Co-founder & CEO 

Maor Cohen, CEO, Go-getter business leader, with 8+ years of experience in startup building. Maor takes a great pride of his time at Hola, where he led the team taking Hola's B2B product (Luminati) from 0 to $12M in one year time. Maor holds a double major in political science and international relations and a master's degree in philosophy.


Aviad Lahav, Co-founder & CTO

A natural technical leader with 20 years of experience designing, building and delivering enterprise-grade software solutions. In his former company Vaultive, Aviad built the product from idea to paying customers, led the RnD team and developed an IP portfolio of 9 US patents. Aviad is a graduate of IDF Mamram and 8200, holds a double major in physics and computer science.




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Loom integrates businesses digital assets, continually monitoring and learning by reading their logs and detects when something is likely to deviate from the norm. When it does, Loom sends out an alert and recommends resolutions so DevOps and IT managers can proactively attend the issue before customers are affected. 


Gabby Menachem, Co-founder & CEO


Gabby brings over 15 years of technology innovation and entrepreneurship experience to Loom Systems. Gabby was previously co-founder and CTO of Voyager Analytics, a product that analyzes social network data with a range of customers that include leading financial institutions. Prior to that, Gabby served as GM and VP R&D in a microwave engineering startup.



Lumigo’s SaaS platform helps companies monitor and troubleshoot serverless applications while providing actionable insights that prevent business disruptions.    

Erez Berkner, Co-founder & CEO

Erez has over 20 years of experience in software development and product.
Prior to founding Lumigo, Erez held different executive positions at Check Point. Most recently, as the director of cloud products, he headed the company’s cloud strategy & execution, delivering products to thousands of companies ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500. 


MyMilk generates a human milk scanner, direct to consumer lab tests, and a mhealth app for continuous breastfeeding monitoring and guidance, including complication management and telemedicine support. Almost every mother breastfeed but most do not stand with their-own or healthcare goals, and this was recently evaluated to cause a global loss of over $300B. MyMilk solutions target the main causes of breastfeeding nonadherence and generate an exciting initial market of $8B.


Dr. Ravid Shechter, Co-founder & Co-CEO 

Ravid holds a Neuroimmunology PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science and has a deep understanding of breastfeeding and human milk bioanalytics, alongside unique market insights as a breastfeeding mother. Ravid participates in the steering committee of the Israeli national Human Milk bank that is being established, By MDA, the Israeli red-cross, supported by the Israeli Ministry of Health.


Dr. Sharon Haramati, Co-founder & Co-CEO

Sharon holds a Neurobiology PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science and has a deep understanding of breastfeeding and human milk bioanalytics, alongside unique market insights as a breastfeeding mother. Sharon participates in the steering committee of the Israeli national Human Milk bank that is being established, By MDA, the Israeli red-cross, supported by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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Upsolver is an industry-leading Data Lake Platform that empowers any developer to manage, integrate and structure streaming data for analysis at unprecedented ease, reducing time-to-value from months to minutes. Launched publicly in Jan 2018, the Upsolver data platform is already being used by leading data-driven companies such as Sisense, ironSource, and SimilarWeb.


Ori Rafael, Co-founder & CEO 


Ori Rafael spent 7 years in the Israeli Intelligence as a DBA, dev team Leader and head of data integration platforms. Ori's passion for making technology useful for people and organizations led him to co-found Upsolver, a venture-backed big data startup, where he has been serving as CEO since 2014. 

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Developing a system to automate and orchestrate the vulnerability remediation process - combining threat intelligence and expert define automation best practices. 



Yaniv Bardayan, Co-founder &  CEO 

Ex 8200 officer (graduated from Hanan Talpiot program), spent his last 4 years in various product, marketing and business development roles in Cyberbit.


Tal Morgenstern, Co-founder & CPO 

ex-8200 Officer (MAMRAM graduate), was in the cyber security division of the unit. Has over 10 years of industry experience in cybersecurity consulting and product management acquired in Comsec and Cyberbit. 

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Zeekit lets brands cut their expenses and showcase inventory on real people with a large range of body types, skin colours and styles, the consumers themselves become the catalogue's models, virtual dress up technology enables smarter purchasing decisions. Real people share the products pages and get a commission for each item purchased by their friends. 




Yael Vizel, Co-founder & CEO


Yael holds a B.Sc in Electrical engineering from the Technion in Israel, and is an alumna of the excellence finance program at Stanford Business School.

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