BATCH 2 - November 2016

Byond provides a cloud-based VR publishing platform. We empower brands, media companies and agencies to create their own personalized interactive universe in Virtual Reality. Using our CMS and authoring tools, VR applications can be easily created and published across all platforms. Our tools implement the best VR practices to-date, helping makers create great experiences.



Noam Levavi, Co-Founder and CEO

Coralogix helps software companies avoid getting lost in their log data by figuring out their production problems automatically, thus drastically reducing issue detection & resolution times. Coralogix uses proprietary machine learning and DNA mapping algorithms to learn any software flow and actively deliver actionable insights without the need to define rules or alerts.


Guy Kroupp, Co-Founder & CEO

Former technology and innovation leader at Verint Ltd.

Over 16 years of experience in software development, group leading, sales and project management.

BSc computer science & information systems.

Cybellum provides a clear path to increased software security and better risk assessment capabilities for DevSecOps and security teams - detecting vulnerabilities in software, rapidly and without access to source code.  



Slava Bronfman, Co-Founder and CEO



DataRails delivers enterprise grade standards to MS Excel by providing a collaborative, secured, and controlled framework, which is seamlessly layered on top of actual spreadsheets. With DataRails, Excel users can have a 100% trust in their data and conduct real-time conversations with other users directly from within their spreadsheet without any email exchange and without exposing personal edits to the rest of the team. DataRails' patented technology automatically converts unstructured Excel data to a fully-structured database.

Didi Gurfinkel, Co-Founder and CEO


Engie is a car repair marketplace that creates transparency in the automotive repair and maintenance market by offering a full solution to the driver - from malfunction diagnostics to real time quotes from mechanics nearby.

Yarden Gross, Co-Founder & Director


Jones is a data-driven brokerage platform where small businesses can buy tailored insurance products with surprisingly little effort. In short, we offer property and liability insurance coverage for growing businesses at the click of a button. Once covered, businesses can get continuous value through data products, content, experts, management dashboards and exceptional digital services.

Omri Stern, Co-Founder & CEO

NooBaa provides large enterprises with cloud services engine. Our software enables IT organizations improve utilization and flexibility while reducing risks and removing vendor lock in. The enterprise owns the service within their premises, on the cloud, multicloud, hybrid - anywhere!



Yuval Dimnik, Co-Founder 



Eran Tamir, VP Product





Panorays' vision is to become the Moody's of the cyber security industry, providing dynamic ratings that contribute to secure usage of 3rd party vendors within large enterprises. 


Matan Or-el, Co-Founder and CEO





TestFairy helps companies run painless mobile beta-testing by providing teams with videos showing what happened on their apps during testing. TestFairy’s Enterprise solution includes a powerful app distribution platform and integrates seamlessly with JIRA, Slack, Okta, Google Apps, OneLogin and other leading enterprise platforms. TestFairy’s platform is used by Samsung, Groupon, Johnson & Johnson, Telefonica and others.


Yair Bar-On, Co-Founder and CEO


Trench is a never-ending closet, at no expense.

Trench allows women to constantly renew their wardrobes without opening their wallets and to let go of items they no longer wear with no second thought.

The Trench fashion marketplace is designed to avoid completely the cost of erosion and renewal through an innovative digital currency. It is also specially designed to break the 2nd hand barrier for shoppers through a unique social platform structure.


Adi Shemesh, Founder & CEO I + 1 6503910134 I 3921 Fabian way, Palo Alto, CA 94303

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