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BATCH 7 - MAY 2019


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Altostra is a SaaS platform for dev teams, supporting their efforts to adopt serverless technologies. Altostra removes key pain points by providing critical capabilities such as visual architecture design, secure packaging & easy deployment, policy enforcement, and more. Altostra makes it possible for software companies to focus on their business by eliminating large workloads from their engineering teams. 



Gal Zabib, Co-founder & CEO 


Gal is a former R&D leader in the Israeli Intelligence Corps, previously certified as a software developer in the elite unit MAMRAM. Gal has over 12 years of experience in software development that helped her led teams towards serverless architecture. After experiencing the benefits of serverless, Gal became committed to making the future of cloud application development better.





Anjuna moves the security perimeter from the host machine to the application. Anjuna Runtime Security creates a software perimeter around applications that provides hardware-grade security for the applications, completely isolating it from the infrastructure and removing the need to secure or patch the host, VM or container. This makes deploying applications in any environment simple, quick, and secure.


Ayal Yogev, Co-founder & CEO 


the CEO of Anjuna has been building enterprise security products for over 20 years. Most recently he was the VP of product management at SafeBreach, a Sequoia-backed enterprise security startup. Prior to that, he was managing the OpenDNS Umbrella product management team that was acquired by Cisco for $635M, leading Umbrella to $80M ARR. Before his time at OpenDNS he held multiple product leadership roles at companies like Lookout and Imperva.


Yan Michalevsky, Co-founder & CTO

Yan Michalevsky, the CTO and co-founder of Anjuna, served in the IDF intelligence as a tech-lead and worked at several startups, as well as in Microsoft Research and NXP. He holds a Ph.D. in applied security and cryptography from Stanford University. His research was published at top conferences including RSA Conference, Usenix Security, BlackHat, MobiCom, and covered by media outlets such as BBC, Wired, Engadget, KQED TV, and more

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Become is an end-to-end financial optimization platform for SMBs. Its one-of-a-kind loan marketplace uses advanced algorithms to provide SMBs with customized funding offers to help them grow and successfully scale their business. 


In addition to its funding platform, Become’s BeProfit dashboard provides online SMBs with the tools and insights needed to increase their bottom line. Available to Shopify merchants, the BeProfit profit calculator enables online stores to optimize their business and maximize their profits by tracking and analyzing their most important business metrics, helping them scale up for growth and compete for eCommerce success.


Become is rapidly growing with over 236,000 loyal business owners registered through its platform. The company has built an ecosystem of more than 50 leading lenders and Fintech partners including BlueVine, Fundbox, Funding Circle, Enova and Prospa, and has facilitated over $316 million in tailored SMB loans to date.


Become is backed by Benson Oak Ventures, Entrée Capital, Magenta Venture, Viola Credit, Dreampact Ventures and iAngels. Founded in 2016, the company has offices in San Francisco and Tel Aviv. 


Eden Amirav, Co-founder & CEO 


As a kid, Eden was the national Israeli undefeated champion of Warcraft 3 for 4 consecutive years where he developed his programming skills. He started his first company at the age of 16 and co-founded several internet businesses. A few were acquired by larger companies and a few are still profitable and growing. Today, Eden is the co-founder and CEO of Lending Express, where he brings the company his 14 years of experience in a variety of online businesses, marketing technologies, methodologies and platforms.


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Eden Amirav_CEO_ Photo Credit_Nir Slakma
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Using its technology DIA is helping clinicians, in all level of experience, objectively and accurately, analysis ultrasound imaging, therefore making ultrasound accessible to all.

DIA invented an AI ultrasound analysis technology based on advance pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms that automatically analysis ultrasound images.

The company first line of products "LVivo Cardiac Toolbox" that is FDA cleared and CE marked, integrated as part of ultrasound devices and healthcare IT systems, such as GE Healthcare, Ebit (Esaote group), Neusoft.

DIA has reference sites at leading USA medical centers including Yale, RUSH, Mount Sinai and USF.


Hila Goldman Aslan, Co-founder & CEO


Hila Goldman Aslan has been leading Med-Tech companies for over 15 years. She joined DiA Imaging Analysis as a co-founder and CEO.

Hila has led DiA through all stages from seed, through proof of concept, regulatory clearances and sales, Including closing investments rounds and implementing DiA’s technology in leading ultrasounds devices. DIA is now the market leader in AI ultrasound analysis. 

Hila is a passionate speaker, serial entrepreneur, creative "doer" and known as able to get the job done. She also empowers women on the Hi-Tech scene by lecturing and taking an active part in various women’s forums.

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Fieldin’s smart farm platform assists the Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetable industries optimize farming practices through its data-driven platform, enabling a smarter farm. The company’s vision is to become the intelligence machine and common authority of the Fruits, Nuts & vegetable supply chain.
Fieldin has 90 team members worldwide with HQ in CA.



Boaz Bachar, Co-founder & CEO 


Boaz Bachar is CEO and Co-Founder of Fieldin, founded in 2013 together with COO Iftach Birger. Boaz is an innovator by nature who married into agriculture and has vowed to leave an impact on the industry. Boaz is based out of Silicon Valley which is located near Fieldin’s main market in California’s Central Valley. LL.B & Business Administration from IDC Herzliya. 



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Granulate is a platform focused on optimizing throughput and latency, as well as cost. With Granulate, there is no longer a tradeoff between these. Combining AIOps and application performance management, Granulate is able to cut compute cluster sizes in half, while drastically lowering latency and increasing throughput, both by over 30%. 


Asaf Ezra, Co-founder & CEO 

Talpiot program alumni, Asaf continued his IDF service as a commander in the elite 8200 intelligence unit. He previously held positions as R&D Team Leader and Project Manager where he led 30+ researchers, engineers and analysts in large scale projects. Co-founding Granulate, he hopes to democratize performance and build a world without performance loss.


Tal Saiag, Co-founder & CTO

Talpiot program alumni, Tal continued his IDF service as a senior developer in the elite 8200 intelligence unit. He is a seasoned tech lead, with vast experience designing, building and maintaining large scale cross-platform frameworks. Co-founding Granulate, Tal aims to provide amazing performance for everyone and create a world without performance loss.


Rezilion is building a technology that will make applications and infrastructure — both on-prem and cloud — self-healing and resilient to attacks, instantly reducing the cost and complexity of information security. By natively integrating with an organization’s existing DevOps framework, Rezilion analyzes and determines the correct state of every instance and automatically restores it to that state when it deviates.


Liran Tancman, Co-founder & CEO 

Mr. Liran Tancman is one of the founders of the Israeli cyber command and spent a decade in Israel’s intelligence corps. In 2013, Liran co-founded CyActive that built a technology capable of predicting how cyber threats could evolve and offer future-proof security. Liran served as CyActive’s CEO led it from its inception to its acquisition by PayPal (2015). Following the acquisition, Liran headed PayPal’s global Security Products Center responsible for developing cutting edge technologies to secure PayPal's customers. Recently, Liran co-founded Rezilion - a stealth-mode startup that makes clouds and applications self-healing and resilient to cyber-attacks. Liran serves as Rezilion’s CEO. In addition, Liran is an early investor in several enterprise-technology start-ups and is a board member for Aperio Systems (a company that assures data security and quality in industrial networks).





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sayata logo dark big.png

Sayata Labs is an enterprise-grade risk assessment solution for the cyber insurance industry that is tailored to the SMB segment. 


Asaf Lifshitz, Co-founder & CEO


Prior to founding Sayata Labs, Asaf worked as a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, and as a Researcher at Israel's Ministry of Defense. Asaf holds an MBA from Harvard, an Physics from the Technion, and a B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University, as part of Israel's Talpiot Program.

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Theator is building a SaaS platform to provide surgeons with AI-powered decision support tools. We’re helping surgeons improve performance by leveraging machine learning and computer-vision to identify, optimize and scale dissemination of best practices. The company’s long-term vision is to enhance surgeon performance in real time and build the future cognitive base to enable autonomous surgical robotic platforms. 

Tamir Wolf, Co-founder &  CEO 

After graduating medical school at the Technion, Tamir served as a physician in the IDF’s Flotilla 13 (the equivalent of SEAL Team 6). During his tenure in naval special ops, Tamir was awarded the Medal of Distinguished Service for treatment of wounded under fire. Transitioning to civilian life, Tamir found his passion for the industry side of healthcare and worked in various leadership positions in startups and as a VC. He co-founded Theator after witnessing the unacceptable variability and disparity in surgical care. Tamir holds a MD and a  PhD from the Technion and completed the executive MBA program at Harvard Business School.


Dotan Asselmann, Co-founder & CTO 

Dotan began his career serving as a computer vision team leader in the IDF intelligence unit considered “Israel’s NSA”. After several years in the military, Dotan co-founded and led EyeOnn, a startup tackling drowning events in pools by leveraging computer vision. He currently heads Israel’s largest computer vision meetup group (over 2500 members and growing). Dotan leads Theator’s R&D efforts based in Israel.  

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