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Alogpix is the only place to understand eCommerce market share, pricing, and promotions of your competitors and category, using real-time, accurate
 data sources. By providing actionable insights, Algopix helps fortune 50 companies succeed in the eCommerce space.



Ori Greenberg, Co-Founder & CEO 

Over a decade of eCommerce experience, and prior to Algopix Ori was the CEO of a successful eCommerce agency specializing in eCommerce strategy and execution (acquired, 12/2016). Based in Palo Alto.


Dani Avitz, Co-Founder & (COO Until 2020)  


Previously co-founded a successful eCommerce agency focusing on the end-to-end management of eCommerce strategies for large organizations. Expert in eCommerce sales and operations. Based in Tel Aviv..

BitDam provides complete protection against cyber-attacks that are hidden in malicious files and web content. Our innovative, patent-pending technology detects and prevents threats at the network perimeter before penetrating the organization: Data Breaches, Malware, Spear-Phishing and Ransomware and more, with detection rates unmatched by any other technology.


Liron Barak, Co-Founder & CEO 

Liron has 9 years of experience in cybersecurity as an officer in the Israeli cyber unit, Liron held a wide variety of management and technical roles. She holds a Masters degree in Computer Science.


Maor Hizkiev, ​Co-Founder & CTO 

Maor has 11 years of experience in cybersecurity as an officer in the Israeli cyber unit, Maor built special R&D teams and products from scratch. Holds a Masters degree in Computer Science.  

Bonobo is an AI platform that captures and analyzes the textual and conversational data produced by an organization, producing real-time, actionable insights that help close more deals, decrease churn rates significantly and provide a stellar, personalized experience for clients.


Efrat Rapoport, Co-Founder & CEO 


Efrat was the Co-founder and CEO of Bonobo AI, which was acquired by Salesforce in 2019. She now leads the Bonobo product portfolio @ Salesforce. She was selected for Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2017.

Reporty has set out to bridge the gap between the people and the resources designed to help them by introducing the most innovative technology the public safety sector has ever seen. Using the power of the crowd, Reporty is revolutionizing the way first responder and public safety agencies manage events in the field.



Amir Elichai, Co-Founder & CEO 


For more than 12 years, Amir has repeatedly demonstrated his capabilities as a transformational leader – combining business acumen with strong financial discipline, Amir is a former Israeli Army officer who served in different positions in the special elite forces and the intelligence corps. He earned his LLB & BA from IDC.

Convexum is a pioneering solution that eliminates the rising threat of the uncontrolled or malicious use of commercial drones by actively taking control over them, preventing entry into protected airspace and landing them in a safe location designated by the customer. It enhances physical security for critical infrastructure, oil & gas facilities, high-profile sports venues and data-centres.


Gilad Sahar, Co-Founder & CEO 

With more than 10 years of experience, Gilad is an expert in protocol’s Reverse-Engineering. Following his service in IDF's 8200 unit, Gilad was part of the Cellebrite’s pioneering team of forensics division and decoding efforts, and later founder and CEO of bridge it. 


Employing groundbreaking patented sound technology, Insoundz is able to reshape viewer experience and engagement KPIs, increase post-event broadcast feature optionality and potential, and maximize broadcast dollars at each turn, in order to quickly grow earnings and Value to-scale.



Guy Etgar, Co-Founder & CEO 

Guy brings over 20 years of diversified experience managing multinational teams across multiple locations. Guy holds an EMBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and a BA in Economics and Communication from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

VOOM Logo (1).png

SkyWatch is creating an innovative insurance-tech product in an exponentially growing insurance vertical - drones and robotics. SkyWatch's software-only platform combines drone telemetry, hyper-local weather, airspace hazards and crowd modelling, to assess and actively mitigate drone flight risks.


Tomer Kashi, Co-Founder & CEO 


Tomer is a graduate of the elite Israeli Air Force "Talpiot" program, with over a decade of experience leading interdisciplinary complex software projects. A project Tomer lead in the Israeli prime minister's office received the "Israel Defense prize" for 2016, Tomer holds a Bsc. in CS and physics and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Upright Technologies is the leading global business in connected posture management. The company uses pioneering biofeedback wearable technology to deliver proven improvements in posture without resorting to time consuming and costly alternatives.



Oded Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO

Oded has extensive experience managing a range of businesses in diverse industries. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and an EMBA from The Tel Aviv University.


Ori Fruhauf,  ​Co-founder & VP Commercial

Ori holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from The Ben-Gurion University, as well as an MBA from The IDC Herzliya. Ori spent 12 years in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF),


VerbIT is revolutionizing the transcription industry by application of cutting-edge (patent pending) AI speech recognition technology in order to provide the most Innovative and cost-efficient transcription services.  A hybrid of top-notch human transcribers combined with our cutting-edge speech technology enables us to transcribe content flawlessly.  


Tom Livne, Co-Founder &  CEO 

Second-time entrepreneur with international experience in team building and launching a new product, to market. Tom holds, LL.B & LL.M and BA in finance from The IDC (Graduated cum laude), in addition to his MBA from The Technicon

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