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BATCH 3 - March 2017

Bringoz, an automated dispatching platform, connects between Supply and Demand serving as an automated mega dispatcher, algorithmically optimizing delivery, routing and pricing in real-time. Bringoz is positioned to remedy and streamline the supply chain by consolidating the long tail of the delivery providers and solving the inherent deficiencies of the supply side.


Doron Bakchy,  Founder & CEO


An entrepreneur with 12 years of experience, passionate about executing a vision from concept to launch. Previously founded Eyefeelit technologies, a high definition 3D content delivery platform.



Varada builds the next generation of a database for big data. Leveraging latest storage and networking technology, our unique architecture allows real-time analytics on a PB scale, with the simplicity of setup and operation not imaginable today.


David Krakov Co-Founder & CEO


David has over a decade of leadership experience building infrastructure and mission-critical software, as a manager, an architect and a hacker in EMC XtremIO and in the IDF elite technological unit. He also believes that low-level software is extremely cool.

Fleetonomy is an end-t- end cloud platform for mobile operators to plan, optimize and manage fleets of autonomous vehicles.


Israel Duanis, Founder & CEO 


A Talpiot and 8200 graduate with more than 15 years of experience in software engineering, algorithm research and product, from hands-on to senior management. In his last role as a Director @ Checkpoint, led the R&D division of Threat Prevention line of products. (close to $0.5B annual revenues)


Jonathan Seroussi - Co-Founder & CEO

Prior to starting Jumper Labs I co-founded and led the technical team at VisualTao (sold to Autodesk in 2009). Later became the GM of Autodesk Tel Aviv R&D site. Also served as Director of AutoCAD Web & Mobile.

Yaniv Nisenboim - Co-Founder & VP Product

Co-founder and CEO @ Scientra - hardware optimized algo-trading firm with $10M in funding. MATZOV unit and semi-conductor industry Veteran. An entrepreneur with 15 years of experience both in R&D and business.

Rachel Mendelovich, Co-Founder & CEO

I believe in people over processes. After over 20 years of managing delivery, I can safely say that above all else, success or failure depends on how well a team works together, and how committed and engaged stakeholders are. This is the real art. The rest – is technician work.  

MBA, Hebrew U; IT chief of Staff and Operations, Menora; Global CIO JDC (non-profit)

Li-Mor Navon, Co Founder & Biz Dev & Sales

Office of the CIO, Cellcom; Her own consultancy business; 7 years in Mamram


Michal Meiri, Co-Founder & CEO, Stealth-mode Startup, former Co-Founder & CEO, Lemenno


Michal led products at several successful startups in London. She holds a Master’s in Nanotechnology from the University of Cambridge and a BSc in Computer Science and Chemistry from Tel Aviv University. Michal specializes in technology and product, has launched a number of products used by millions of users.


Eyal Shapira, Co-Founder & CEO 


Talpiot (class XIX), Group Lead and PM @81,  Israel Defense Prize, Co-Founder and CEO @Phonaris, Independent hands-on consultant for the past years.


Michael Volfman, Co-Founder & CTO


Aram (class 4), Cyber Ops Group Lead @81, 1st employee R&D Team Lead and PM @Guardicore, MSc CS @IDC

Percepto is a leading provider of end-to-end
solutions for on-site autonomous drones in critical infrastructure facilities. Percepto drones are left on site and can perform inspection, security and safety tasks simultaneously, fully driven by unique real-time computer vision capabilities.



Dor Abuhasira,  Co-Founder & CEO

Dor lead embedded computing hardware design at NetOptics (NASDAQ: XXIA) and a hardware team at ECI-Telecom. Dor was responsible for the company's next generation GPON platforms developed for Tier 1 customers like British Telecom and Deutsche Telecom. Dor has a B.Sc. with honors in Electrical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University in Israel.


panoply-logo-horizontal-large-RGB (1).pn

Panoply’s automated data platform is the easiest way to sync store and access all your business data. Panoply brings an end to end analytical stack integrated with unique automation algorithms, providing a codeless warehouse environment with full DBA automation targeting online high growth businesses


Yaniv Leven, Co-Founder & CEO

 Yaniv Held C-Level positions in different high growth online businesses for 7 years prior to founding Panoply. Yaniv's previous experience includes heading Analytics, Finance, Marketing, and Support teams. He holds a Bsc in Statistics and an Msc in Finance both from the Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Yaniv Square.png

TrenDemon helps companies align their marketing efforts with their business goals. Installs in less than 20 minutes, TrenDemon provides marketers actionable insights as well as automates growth using real-time personalization.


Avishai Sharon, Co-Founder & CEO


Passionate about leading teams in creating beautiful and effective online solutions, while having fun along the way. Over 16 years of experience designing and developing web and mobile products. Before TrenDemon, founded a leading web development services company.

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