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 Batch 14

January 8-19, 2024


Bagel is the glue between product and commercial teams, turning commercial teams into product heroes to accelerate revenue. Bagel AI Assistant provides real-time product insights within company daily tools and ties product features to business context and revenue, so teams build the most impactful products. Product teams continuously validate what to build next based on quantified data and customer evidence, while go-to-market teams close the loop and deliver value at lightning speed to win more deals.


Ohad Biron, Co-founder & CEO

Throughout 18 years in SW development, Ohad has always been at the intersection of R&D and business. From pre-revenue to $10M ARR, he witnessed how friction between product and GTM leaves business opportunities untapped. That's why Bagel was founded. 
As VP Operations & Growth, and a management team member at Prophesee, a French start-up and the inventor of event-based imaging, Ohad led the company's business growth and global expansion as well as its sales operations and customer facing activities. 
His previous experience includes co-founding an algo-trading startup, being a program manager in the CTO office at Amdocs, and serving as Battalion Operations Officer (Major) in the IDF.
Ohad holds an Honors degree in information technology from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, followed by an MBA from INSEAD.

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C8 Health is a cloud-based platform for clinical guidance management. It provides seamless access to vetted best practices, and leverages AI technology to make them easy to apply at the point-of-service. C8 Health allows teams to align on their shared knowledge base and streamlines communications and collaboration.

Galia Schwarz, Co-founder & CEO 

Galia led GTM and commercial operations from early stage to growth in multiple successful startups (Discotech acquired by Medtronic, Compugen (Nasdaq: CGEN), Resonai) and at Symphony AI, a large US enterprise AI SaaS company. I have a BSc in Biotechnology Engineering (Technion), an MBA (Tel Aviv University) and a PhD in Strategy (Technion).

Tzach Klo, Co-founder & VP R&D

Full stack developer with experience as a developer and team leader in startups from early stages to hyper-growth (, SecondNature, and Joongo) and Mamram alumni. BSc in Business Management.


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Aim empowers businesses to fully harness AI capabilities while ensuring robust security. Although LLMs are potent, they come with unpredictability. Companies must address safety, privacy, compliance, and emerging threats like prompt injections. To counteract these issues, Aim builds a GenAI Security platform, which provides oversight and management over all Generative AI applications.


Matan Getz, Founder & CEO 

With a proven track record in leading and managing cutting-edge technology departments. Matan, Talpiot graduate, built the largest data science defensive AI project as the Deputy CISO of the IDF and managed a cyber R&D division of 150 engineers. Matan believes that while decisive and strategic management is crucial to a successful organization and company, the real secret to success is inspiring and motivating your teams to achieve their full potential.

Adir Gruss Founder & CTO 

is an award-winning security researcher turned into a security product leader. He has long been passionate about breaking security and inventing better ways to rebuild it at scale.

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Light Mode - Glow - Rectangular-1 (3).png aims to give engineering teams the power to manage third-party APIs in live environments, focusing on cost reduction, performance optimization, and increased resilience. As a lightweight tool that integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, provides real-time insights and solutions for API issues that arise after integration. It centralizes management for team leads and offers developers straightforward fixes for common API challenges.


Eyal Solomon, Co-founder & CEO


With over 10 years of experience in cyber tools, product management and sales. Eyal has built his career within the Israeli Intelligence Force’s Elite 8200 unit, leading teams of developers and product managers, Eyal was also one of the early employees at a large scale Cyber Company leading product and then sales efforts. Eyal holds a BSc in Computer Science from IDC.



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Miggo is empowering security teams to identify critical risks in business-critical applications, thought to be secure.
In a world of rapid changes in the application environment, security teams are lacking cruicial visibility into the applications' behavior and usage patterns, potentially exposing their organizations to critical breaches.
Miggo innovative solution, converging application observability with security,  generate deep visibility into any application, quickly and without requiring writing new code. We automatically generate event logs, monitor and baseline applications' integrations, functionalities, and usage patterns, and uncovers previously undiscovered--and critical--security gaps.


Daniel Shechter , Co-founder & CEO


Passionate about management, cybersecurity, and strategy, Daniel, a Havatzalot graduate, led multidisciplinary teams in high-stakes projects for the Israeli intelligence forces and unit 8200. He later joined McKinsey & Company as a consultant and engagement manager, supporting leading enterprises and technology innovators in defining and achieving their strategic goals and objectives. In December 2022, he partnered with Alon Pluda and Itai Goldman to found Miggo. Outside of work, Daniel holds a deep love for sports and music, especially Jazz



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Monto is building the future of B2B payments by connecting various financial applications used by suppliers and their customers.
Getting paid and communicating financially with customers have shifted in the digital world—from emails and phone calls to working directly with each customer's unique financial software. Monto is focused on creating smart connections between different applications, enabling seamless communication and leading to on-time, zero-touch payments—for the first time in B2B.


Maya Cohen, Co - founder & CEO


After years in the tech industry, which included roles in product/GTM (1st employee at Clique) and finance (implementing ERP software), Maya moved on to build her own venture, which began at the Zell Entrepreneurship Program. When not focused on disrupting the global B2B payments space, Maya enjoys teaching Pilates and dancing ballet & flamenco.

Nitsan Yerushalmi, Co - founder & CCO

With a background in finance, billing, and collections, Nitsan became an expert in the field through valuable experiences at a B2B car agency and a few successful startups such as Dynamic Yield and Natural Intelligence. Nitsan CEOed a non-profit organization for three years, until joining the Zell entrepreneurship program where she founded Monto together with Maya.



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Opti offers a fully managed LLM orchestration platform, empowering engineers to seamlessly and securely integrate GenAI capabilities into their products. Our platform ensures streamlined implementation for key user flows and use-cases via specialized models and automated transfer learning. With Opti, developers can achieve production-grade LLM implementation, without the need for NLP expertise or worries about privacy.

Barak Perelman, Co-founder & CEO


Prior to Opti, he served as the VP for OT Security at Tenable, overseeing said business unit and all Israeli operations. His venture into Tenable began with their 2019 acquisition of Indegy, the previous company he co-founded and led as CEO. An alumnus of the prestigious Talpiot program, Barak holds a B.Sc. in Physics and Computer Science and an MBA.

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Slice is building a “Global Employee Stock Options in a Box” solution that is globally compliant and tax-optimized. Enabling companies to easily issue equity grants to any employee of any type in any country. Slice takes care of everything from setting up equity plans around the globe to awarding grants, all while making sure that both the company and the employees remain fully compliant (legal, accounting and taxation). Last but not least, Slice helps companies boost employee engagement with tools that help employees understand the full value of their equity and the right way and timing to unlock it.

Maor Levran, Co-founder & CEO

He has 13+ years of Legal experience in the Tech world. Prior to Slice, he was a senior partner in HF, a tier-1 Tech law firm, where he represented startups, VCs, and senior executives in a wide range of issues and deals (fundraising, M&As and IPOs). He was ranked 4 years in a row as a Top Tech Attorney by Legal 500. Maor holds an LLM and a BA (both cum laude) from Reichman University.

Yoel Amir, Co-founder & CPO

He has 15+ years of experience in B2B Product Management, from Google, Salesforce, and early-stage startups that were acquired. Before starting Slice, Yoel was a VP Product in Salesforce where he headed a product portfolio generating $150M+ annually. Yoel holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, and a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Management from Tel Aviv University (magna cum laude).


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Tymely is an AI Agent that handles retailers' most complex customer service tickets end-to-end with unprecedented service quality. In fact, the interaction is indistinguishable from human agents, and the quality is even higher. Tymely reduces support costs while improving customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) and sales.

Ohad Rozen, Co-founder & CEO

Ohad is the co-founder and CEO of Tymely. He's a Ph.D. candidate for NLP and Deep Learning at Bar Ilan University and holds a B.Sc and a Mcs for Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ben Gurion University. Ohad is also the co-founder and former CEO of Toonimo, and is passionate about off-piste snowboarding.


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