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November 2019


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As R&D team scales, visibility for management shrinks, dependencies and complexity increase, and productivity suffers. Acumen is a data-driven solution for tech managers at all levels of the organization. The product is designed to ease the day to day management of software development by providing visibility, smart insights, dynamic time estimations, and risk analysis based on the organization’s data, and requires no change in the company work process and no manual inputs from the teams. The solution allows engineering teams to hit deadlines more consistently and mitigates the common problems that plague software development such as estimation misses, schedule slips, integration problems, team dependencies issues and resource bottlenecks.

Nevo Alva, Co-founder & CEO 


Nevo is the CEO and co-founder of Acumen, a data-driven solution for software development managers.
Prior to Acumen, Nevo founded a machine learning startup, Visualead which was acquired by Alibaba Group in 2017.
Nevo held senior management positions in several other companies and served as an officer in the Israeli Air Force. 
Nevo is a graduate of the MBA program Management of Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MoTIE) from Tel Aviv University.





EquityBee helps startup employees get the money they need to exercise their stock options before they expire. We connect employees with investors who provide them with the necessary funding they need to exercise and benefit from their employee stock options.


Oren Barzilai, Co-founder & CEO 


Prior to co-founding EquityBee, co-founded and served as the CEO at Start A Fire, a social marketing platform that served more than 3,000 of the world's biggest brands. Previously, co-founded and served as the CTO at Tapingo, a mobile commerce application that was acquired by GrubHub for $150 million. Served in a technology role in the IDF and earned a BSc in Mathematics from Tel Aviv University.


Mody Radashkovich, Co-founder & COO

Mody Radashkovich - International executive, having served as the Managing Director of Gazit Globe Germany with 250M EURO in AUM. Represented Israel for many years as a player and a captain of its national rugby team. Served in Yahalom, a special missions combat engineering unit in the IDF and earned a BSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

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Mody Radashkovich Headshot Prof Pic CROP
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HT bioImaging platform creates new data that is based on
automatic heat diffusion imaging and signal analysis. The differences in the thermal properties of biological tissue analyzed as standalone data or as a functional layer added to an optic or anatomic image, are at the base of a game-changing cancer detection methodology. False negatives
are significantly reduced for superior clinical value.


 Shani Toledano, Co-founder & CEO


Shani, an engineer by training is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and the Co-founder & CEO of HT BIOIMAGING.
She has a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering and has specialized in heat transfer and thermodynamics and, MSc. degree in (AI) Artificial intelligence.
Shani has over 11 years of experience in the tech, defense & aviation industry, where she had served as a developer, system engineer and R&D team leader in the unmanned air vehicle (UAV) industry, as well as the commander of a flight training center and a developer of UAV’s simulators.

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immunai is building technology to revolutionize treatments of oncology and auto-immune disorders by combining the most cutting edge AI and novel biological assays to understand a person's immune system 10x better than previously possible. They have raised a substantial seed round, have several partnerships lined up with hospitals in the US and Israel, and are on path to amassing a substantial proprietary dataset.



Noam Solomon, Co-founder & CEO 


holds two PhDs and done post-doc at Harvard and MIT. He has also been working on Machine Learning since his army days, specializing in computational geometry, statistics and recommender systems in various domains. He is also an experienced research manager in both the industry and academia.





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The Lynx cloud-based data platform enables hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and MedTech organizations to develop digital health solutions based on vast multi-modal datasets.  Lynx.MD's one-stop cloud-based hub maintains the security of those datasets and protects the privacy of sensitive patient information. Healthcare innovators gain streamlined access to rich real-world datasets via the Lynx.MD platform enabling the rapid development of artificial intelligence applications to improve the quality of care and reduce costs.  

Omer Dror, Co-founder & CEO 

Serial entrepreneur, with years of experience in bringing products to market. Omer is experienced in a variety of fields including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.  



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NOVOS is a training platform for gamers who wish to pursue their dreams and take their gaming skills to the next level. NOVOS methodology is based on proven best practices from the skill-building world. We leverage big-data technology, machine learning and community knowledge to provide gamers with a structured framework and an engaging training routine that helps them become the best gamers they can possibly be.


Or Briga, Co-founder & CEO 

Or Briga is CEO and Co-Founder of NOVOS and a competitive gamer since he got connected to the internet. Or owns a dual bachelor's degree in Law and Government from the Interdisciplinary Centre. During his studies, Or participated in the Zell Entrepreneurship Program where he co-founded NOVOS. Before his academic studies Or lived in Hong-Kong for two years and worked as security team leader for the Israeli aviation.

Shai Arnon, Co-founder & CTO

Shai Arnon is CEO and Co-Founder of NOVOS A passionate gamer since ever, wrote his first line of code when he was 11, and has been creating digital products ever since. After leading the digital department of the Haifa Film Festival for 3 years, Shai graduated from IDC’s Efi Arazi School of Computer Science. Shai participated in the Zell Entrepreneurship Program as well where he co-founded NOVOS.





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Roundforest empowers consumers by simplifying their research and enabling more informed shopping decisions. Leveraging AI and advanced data technologies, Roundforest creates trustworthy product recommendations at a large scale, spanning multiple verticals, including Retail, Streaming, and Travel.


Alon Gamzu, Co-founder & CEO


Prior to founding Roundforest, Alon worked at Google, consulting Israel’s top global technology start-ups with their global growth strategy; Before that Alon worked at Intel’s Machine Learning team. Alon holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Ben-Gurion University and served for three years as a commander in an Israeli army elite field unit.  

Yonatan Loewidt, Co-founder & CTO

Yonatan Loewidt is the Co-Founder and CTO at Roundforest. He started his way as an AI engineer at Intel. Yonatan’s responsible for Roundforest’s Product and Technological innovation and leads the company’s Conversational Commerce efforts. Yonatan holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Ben-Gurion University.



Uniper is on a mission to re-invent the way people age at home, focusing on improving emotional well-being, and promoting preventative care, a healthier lifestyle at home. Uniper’s tech-enabled service is a virtual senior community - helping older adults become more social, more active and more independent in their own homes and communities. 

Rami Kirshblum, Co-founder &  CEO 

After completing his service as 8200 intelligence officer, Rami joined friends and bootstrap a company providing R&D services for Israeli start-ups, Following that Rami served in several technological and managerial positions in both small and medium-size companies serving as R&D manager, program manager and COO. 
In 2008, Rami relocated to the US  and managed 4D Security Solutions Inc. 
Rami holds B.Sc. in computer science from the Hebrew University, MBA from Tel-Aviv University and participated in EMBA programs in Harvard business school.
Rami is 44 years old, lives in Tel-Aviv, and married to Naama. Rami and Naama jointly grow 100 years of prosperity in the form of 3 loved kids.



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Voca provides a futuristic contact center solution that is supercharged with human-AI agents. Simply by mimicking your most successful human agents, our virtual agents are leading customers throughout their journey in the most natural and empathetic way possible. Data science and analytics are built-in which makes your call center KPIs visible and self-optimising.


Einav Itamar, Co-founder & CEO


Tech entrepreneur with vast experience in AI and Big Data. After completing his M.Sc. in Machine Learning at the Technion, Einav Co-founded Corrigon, an AI company that was later acquired by eBay. Einav also served as the CTO of several successful software startups.

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